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In the excerpts below, italicized text  in brackets represents the comments of the editor of www.fuldaohio.org


23 Sep 1880

                It is very hard for your correspondent of this place [Fulda] to find news for your paper.  Fulda is a very quiet town, seldom anything happens worth writing about.  


30 Sep 1880  

                ...[A] Hancock and English club was organized [in Enoch township] with a membership of about one hundred voters.  They met again on Saturday night and were addressed by M. Aldenhoven in German and by Dr. Brown in English.  Both made stirring speeches.  

(Hancock and English were the Democratic ticket  for president and vice president in 1880.)


14 Oct 1880

                Miss Hannah daughter of Henry Now, a very accomplished young lady, left home last week to join the Sisters of Mercy at Cincinnati, and devote her life in the future to the sick and poor.  

                Father Kluber attended the Cincinnati Exposition last week.

                Old man [Jacob] Singer with his two daughters and wife, left for Cincinnati last week for a short visit with his sister, who is a sister in the Convent of the Good Shepherd.

                Peter Craft, of this place, in lifting injured himself internally, he is seemingly recovering.  

                G. C. Ehlerman of Fulda started for Philadelphia last Friday to purchase fall and winter goods.  He will return in time to vote.  

                The Hancock meeting last Saturday was a big thing.  


[This last note is a reference to a large rally at Colorado (later "Rado") in Noble County for Democratic presidential candidate Winfield Scott Hancock.  Hancock lost the popular vote to James Garfield by a very small margin.]


11 Nov 1880

                 John Marsher of Buffalo Run has sold his farm to Nicholas Noll, 80 acres for $1300.  He with his family is going to settle at Pittsburgh.

                Last Tuesday John Schoeppner was married to Miss Rosa Brahler at the church here. The ceremony was very imposing, to those who have never witnessed a Cathalic {sic] marriage, it is interesting.


18 Nov 1880

                Masons  and carpenters are very busy in this neighborhood, almost every one is building something; either enlarging his dwelling house of erecting some other building.  Mr. Noll is getting a new shop; the Catholic Priest got a new kitchen and is erecting now a smokehouse; George Singer is building a new barn; Mr. Simons is building a new dwelling house on his lot for his brother-in-law.  


25 Nov 1880

                Winter came almost in a night, and many were the cold fingers in corn fields.  

                M. Aldenhoven went to Pittsburgh last week to visit friends and look out a location.  For the last six years he has instructed the children under the direction of the Priest, and played the organ in the Catholic Church.  His term of employment expired recently.  

                Married at the Catholic Church Thursday Nov. 18th, Jacob Crock and Matilda Jackel. [Yeagle]

                G. C. Ehlerman has his store well supplied with goods and is well patronized as is also the farmers store in Hohman's old stand and scarce anyone pass Mrs. Eve [Ebert]  Kluber's store without buying something.  



9 Dec 1880

                Tobacco buyers are going around.  They  offer from three to four dollars.  A few sales have been made.  

                The chief and only business here now is killing hogs, and by the smoke coming out of almost every smokehouse, we can judge that they are well fixed with German sausages.  

                Up street in our town [Fulda] drunkards have been seen lately so there must be something wrong up that way; the whisky seller in that direction better look out; someone is watching him; he may have some trouble at the next Court session.  


30 Dec 1880

                It was indeed a sight to enter the Catholic church here on the morning of Christmas day.  Even at that hour it was crowded to the last seat; bright evergreens decked the church and the many candles that burned made it as bright as midday. Precisely at 3 o'clock the priest entered preceded by a dozen little boys, in the most splendid vestments.  The organ pealed forth its sweet tones, indeed each one felt that there was peace on earth; happy those who understand the ceremonies of that church. 



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