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The excerpts below are from The Caldwell Citizens Press.  Italicized text  in brackets represents the comments of the editor of www.fuldaohio.org

13 Jan 1881

          M. Aldenhoven, who has taught at Fulda during the past six years has secured a position in Pittsburgh as a clerk in a store and will remove with his family to that city next Monday


          A little child of Mr. McBride, blacksmith at Colorado [also known as Rado or Rado Ridge, in Noble County] a few days ago, was so terribly burned by its clothing catching fire that it died the next day.  


          The R. R. engineering corps have been operating and looking out a road bed here, but I guess it was only done to arouse a railroad fever.  In this they will be disappointed.  The farmers here have no idea that it will be built among our hills.  




            On the second day of the new year, died one of the most exemplary members of the Catholic population of this neighborhood, Mrs. Joseph Michael, Sr.  Forty-five years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Michael left Germany and came to this county.  Settling first at Wheeling, where they labored a few years,.  Having saved a few dollars, they came to this place [Fulda] and found it a wild place indeed, no road, no house, no cultivated land.  They set to work, being young and strong they soon changed the appearance of things. By industry, sobriety, and economy they not only secured the necessaries of life but accumulated property until they became among the wealthiest citizens of Noble County. 

            Recently the husband, Joseph Michel, was prostrated with an incurable disease and his wife nursed him with surpassing care and tenderness; (their children are all married and removed) until her strength gave way on the last day of the year.  She suffered terribly until death relieved her.  She was buried on the 4th according to the rites of the Church to which she belonged.  The entire congregation assembled at the funeral services.  The husband survived her but a few days.  He died on the 7th and was buried on Sunday morning. 


20 Jan 1881

          The grave of Jos. Michael had hardly been covered when the bell of the Catholic Church tolled the death of Magnus Hohman.  For the last year he was very feeble and his decrease was not unexpected. About forty years ago he left the land of his birth and came to this country.  He spent most of his life at Wheeling.  When his children left him his brother John [Sebastian] brought him to this place.  By the failure of the latter, Magnus lost about all he had saved.  It was proposed for him to go with his brother to Kansas but he chose rather to remain with his niece and her husband.  He was buried last Friday from the Catholic Church.   


          On the sick list, Mrs. Schoeppner [Elizabeth Miller Schoeppner], with Rheumatism.  She had well nigh recovered, but by her exposure too soon after, relapsed.  


          Boys returning from school would do well to be more careful about the use of knives, the law may teach them a lesson.  


          Over a dozen girls find employment in Ehlerman's tobacco house.  

27 Jan 1881


          FULDA, O., Jan 22nd -- In reply to Magnus Webber's card in [The Caldwell] Republican of last week, I wish to state that I had nothing to do with the stone work or chimneys. I did the carpenter work only, and have the order of the building committee for my pay for the same. They accepted the job as I completed it and I expect my pay at the proper time.

                                        Charles Ruppel


10 Feb 1881

           Last Thursday Frank Singer was married to Lena Hartman at the Catholic Church here.  

           Henry Sailing has sold his farm to H. T. Miller for $650; he intends to buy in Elk township [Harriettsville].  

           The people of this neighborhood like to see the news of this place in the paper, but no one will write down, now the best way to have it published is to let "Fulda" know the news.  

           Frank Ebert has sold his farm to [son-in-law] Frank Testaid [Estadt] for $1900.  Mrs. Schneider who lives on the farm now will move to Pittsburgh in a few weeks.  [Mrs. Schneider was Frank Ebert's daughter, Barbara Ebert Schneider, widow of John Schneider.] Also Mrs. Jo. Singer has sold to John Cornett.  

           Birth, on the 2nd, a daughter to Phillip and Catherine Schell.  On the 4th, a son to August and Barbara Dumerling.  


17 Mar 1881

[There are at least five possible George Burkharts.  However, it is believed that only one was a parishioner of St. Mary's in the early 1880s.  That was George Burkhart (b. 1851), son of David Theobald Burkhart and Catherine Fox.

          The examination of Geo. Burkhart charged by Geo. Hupp with Grand Larceny resulted in the acquittal of the accused.  The trial was heard before Mayor Archer, in the Court House.  Chamber & Gibbs appeared for the State and Belford & Okey for defendant.  A great many witnesses were examined and a large number of persons attended the trial.  

[Below appeared in the "Fulda Locals" column.]

           Father Kluber requested me to express his thanks to Wm. C. Okey, Esq., for courtesy shown him during the trial of G. Burkhard.  

           We regard the anger of Geo. Hupp as unreasonable, on the account of the dismissal of Burkhard by Mayor Archer.  He should not abuse the testimony of the 'Dutch.'  If Rev. Kluber knew him as well as he does Burkhart, he would have said the same in his favor.  Justice does not look at a man's religion, but at his honesty.  Whatever Rev. Kluber said of Burkhart was not said because he belongs to his congregation, but because he knows him from boyhood.  

           On the sick list, Mrs. Elizabeth Brahler is in a very critical condition.  Miss Eleanor Weisend of typhoid fever, also Miss Flora Craft.  


24 Mar 1881

           Peter Ruppel is putting a wire fence about his town property. He thinks people should use the road.

           George Hepner bought a town lot of George Kress.  He will build a dwelling house and remove to it at once.  He is a cooper by trade.  

           Mr. Semmons sold his property to W. Johanning for $600, with the right to occupy it until 1883. A few days afterward, the purchaser sold it to N. Schad for $620.



31 Mar 1881

           The ticket nominated in this township last Saturday is as follows: Trustees, John Hoffman, E. Polling, and D.L. Sanford; Clerk, J.B. Arnold; Assessor, John Brahler; Treasurer, Wm. Manifold; Constables, J.W. Ball, F. Singer.  

            On the sick list, F. Fuches.  

            Births: on the 21st, to Leonard and Mary Muller, a daughter; to Joseph and Elizabeth Wehner [Warner], a son; on the 24th, to Henry and Rosina Dimmerling, a son.  


12 May 1881 

           The appearance of the Deputy Sheriff around here [Fulda] during the sitting of the Grand Jury, raised a great excitement in this place, and although about ten witnesses were summoned, nobody could find any complaint against the saloon keepers.  This shows that they obey the law.   

           The sale of the property of Ed. Warner  to John Hall was annuled, the latter failing in the first payment.  [John Hall died later that year.]

        Miss [Theresa] Deller who lives at Columbus came home on a visit to her parents. [her mother Eva and step-father George Heppner].  

         Mrs. Gerst of Marietta is visiting her relations.    

         Births -- To Peter Craft and wife [Martina Schmitt Craft] -- a boy [Edward].  

         Peter Schad was married on Thursday morning to Margareth Tarkel [Yeagle] by Rev. Kluber.


25 Aug 1881

           Edward Werner has removed to Athens county.  -- Mrs. Eve Kluber and Mr. Ehlerman intend to sell out [their stores], that is, if they get their price.    -- John Ruppel and family, of Washington county recently spent a few days with their parents here.  -- Peter Ruppel sold some town lots to Peter Schad [Schott] at $90 an acre.  

         Last week our school closed, but the people raised funds to continue the school till the next regular term opens.  

         Miss Stei and her little brother, relatives of Peter Noll, of Stock township, arrived last week from Bavaria and are making their home with their uncle.  

         Births -- A daughter [Maria Anna] to John and Eva [Hill] Michel.  -- A daughter [Mary] to Joseph and Margaret [Schoeppner] Zwick.  

         Father Kluber held service last Sunday at St. Michael's church, his instruction was on Holy Mass.  On Monday he went on a day's recreation to visit his nephew, Rev. Fladung, of Churchtown. 


1 Sep 1881 

           The long-expected rain has not come yet; the fields around here are almost burned up, the crop of tobacco will be very short, corn will not yield one-third as much as last season.  Threshing is about all done.  

         John Arnold has gone to Ozark, Monroe county to visit his brother.  [There are two possible John Arnolds: 1) John B. Arnold (age 47), and 2) his son, John A. Arnold (age 23).]


 10 Nov 1881

           Wednesday was the day on which Catholics visited the graves of their deceased friends.  A long procession moved from the Church here to the cemetery; also at St. Michaels the graves were visited, the members were accompanied by the Priest.  Thursday was observed by the Catholics as a holy day.  

         Mrs. Mohler [Elizabeth Schaub Mehler, age 40] went to Wheeling to get a tumor removed from her throat.  The operation was successfully performed and she is doing well.  Also, Mrs.  Schafer and her daughter went to Wheeling for treatment for the daughter for a like affliction.  [There are three possible Mrs. Schafers: 1) Elizabeth Ebert Schafer (age 39), who had two daughters under the age of 6 in 1881, 2) Elizabeth Herbst Schafer (age 43) who had at least three living daughters all under the age of 20 , or 3) Flora Liebold Schafer (age 48) who had four daughters under the age of 25 in 1881.]

            The venerable John Block died recently. He was one of the first settlers of this part and was blind for the last thirty years. His funeral took place from the Catholic church.


15 Dec 1881

           Rev. Kluber last week visited our school and, as he says, was very well pleased with both departments.  In the German is an enrollment of about one hundred scholars, and in the English about thirty, under the supervision of Miss Wilhelmina Webber.  

29 Dec 1881

           John Herbert [Herbst] recently lost a valuable cow.  


           N. Sorg, widower, returned from Pittsburgh with a life partner. Henry Saling, who followed the same course, last week, bought a farm in Washington  county near Hohman's P.O.  


           At the raising of a frame barn at Philip Muller's, Henry Crock was badly hurt, one bent coming down upon him.  On account of the intense pain he suffers physicians are as yet unable to ascertain the extent of his injuries.  


           A very devilish trick was played on a horse belonging to Sebast. Hile.  Jacob Singer drove this animal with one of his own to Harrietsville, accepting the kind invitation of Esq. Smithberger, he remained with him over night, and the next morning it was discovered that some fiend had cut off the animal's tail.  He should discover the criminal and have him punished.   [Jacob Singer and Sebastian Heil were brothers-in-law.]


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