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 18 Jan 1883

            The following statistics, showing the growth of this congregation, will not be read without interest by most of your readers: Since Rev. Kluber took charge of this place, which was in July 1860, has baptized 800 children; he has solemnized 161 marriages, the first being that of Henry Muller [Miller] and Elizabeth Michael [Michel].  During this period 202 persons have removed away, most of them to Washington county, this State to a place called "Fox's settlement" [near Ludlow].  A few have moved to Illinois and Indiana, but have died there in a short time.  About 450 children have been instructed in the Catholic religion and received as full members into the church.  It is very likely that our priest having lived and worked so long in this place, will not be removed until he is carried to his earthly resting place.   [Father Kluber died one month later, age 45, following an operation for an unknown ailment.

            Charles Ruppel has traded his saw mill which he bought of John Hall for another mill, paying $300 difference.  

            Sebastian Singer has sold his farm to Florian Testad, and John Bottinger, his to John Crock, both on Buffalo Run.  


 25 Jan 1883

            John Singer has brought his son home from Columbus much improved.  

            John Schultz  and August Schmitt have returned to Youngstown, after a stay of several weeks with their parents and relatives.  [It is thought that this refers to John Scheetz and August Schmitt/Smith.  John and August were brothers-in-law who are known to have moved their families to Youngstown.] 

            Mrs. Singer, wife of Jacob Singer, Sr., is very ill; there is hardly any hope for her recovery.  [Magdelena Zwick Singer recovered and lived another 13 years.]

            Mrs. Hoffman, widow, is also very sick. [There were no women whose married name is Hoffman living in or near Fulda in 1883. There were three Mrs. Huffmans, but only Anna Barbara Scheetz Huffman was a widow in 1883.  She recovered and lived an additional 14 years.]

            Married -- On the 23d inst., at the Catholic church, Henry Schneider [Snider] and Eva Vogel [Genevieve Fogle].  

            The sale of the seats in our church promises the sum of $1,200 for this year.  

            By the appearance, Mr. Ehlerman has bought a great deal of tobacco.  He is packing in two houses, and about twenty girls are engaged by him.  John Bramhall and Brahler are the packers.  


 8 Mar 1883

            Saturday March 3d, as Morris Homan was driving five head of cattle, which he had sold to F. A. Hupp, one of them broke one of its legs, and he was compelled to kill it.  Loss $27.


15 Mar 1883

            John Lorei had an arm very badly hurt by being struck by a broken belt, as he was working at Charles Ruppel's portable saw mill.



22 Mar 1883

            Peter Ruppel sold his "Floyd" farm to his son, Ignatz Ruppel, for $4,000.  Anthony Kress sold his land, forty acres, to his son, Casper, for $1,200.  

           Joseph Helfenbein's residence in Enoch township was destroyed by fire on Sunday. The fire was communicated to the adjoining woods and quite an amount of fences was destroyed. The wind was high and the fire was extinguished with difficulty.


5 Apr 1883

           Francis Ebbert, one of the first German settlers of Enoch township, died at his residence March 30th, aged 76 years.  

            G. C. Ehlerman has packed and shipped twenty-one hogsheads of tobacco to Baltimore.  

           Four inches of snow fell last Thursday.  


26 Apr 1883

           Pleasy Parks sold his land to John G. Hupp for $1,530. 

            John Stiernagel, Sr. died April 21.  He was one of the first German settlers in Enoch township, near Fulda.  He was 72 years of age.  

           Fred Fox built a new tobacco house last week.

           John I. Blake of Buffalo Run is building a new barn.  A.J. Dyer and W. Aderthon are the contractors.  [There were two men named John Blake living near Fulda in 1883.  It is not known which one this note refers to, nor how the two men were related to each other.]

           Fulda is now a special school district. 

           Frank Noll, the clerk in the German Company Store, returned from the east last week. 

           G. C. Ehlerman returned from Baltimore and other eastern cities Saturday. 

           Albert Singer, son of John Singer, who has been very ill for nine months, made his appearance in town on crutches. 


31 May 1883

           Rev. E. L. Fladung was in town [Caldwell] Tuesday transacting business concerning the estate of his uncle, Rev. D. I. Kluber.

           G. C. Ehlerman took down one hundred thousand pounds of tobacco last week.

           Old Anthony Kress is still very low.  His daughter, son-in-law and nephew, from Washington county, were up to see him last week.  [The family from Washington County is believed to be Frederick and Margaret Schoen and their son John. All of Anthony's other daughters were still living in Noble County in 1883.]

           Supervisor Shafer worked the roads last Friday and Saturday.  People can now get around. 

           John Kress has been very ill for the last two weeks, but is now convalescing. 

           Rev. Father Luttig is up and about again.  He said holy mass last Sunday morning. 

           Mumps are very bad in this neighborhood. 

           On account of the cold, wet weather, the corn looks very bad in this part of the county. 

7 Jun 1883

             Marton McBride, John Brahler and others cut two bee trees in the neighborhood of John Warner's in Stock township last week.

            Miss Mary Raab returned to Pittsburg last Friday, after a visit of four weeks with her parents and friends in and around town.

            Birth -- To Philip and Matilda Miller, a daughter, May 31st. 

            John Schoeppner caught a large swarm of bees last Friday. 

            Sheep shearing is about over in this part of the country and people are at work at their corn since the good weather. 

            The two new school houses that were to be sold June 2d, are put off until June 23d. 

            Rev. E. S. Fladung was here visiting Rev. I. Luttig and others last week. 

            John Warner is building a new dwelling house this summer.

            F. A. Hupp and son drove a lot of fat hogs through Fulda last week. 


14 Jun 1883

           John Brahler has a stand of bees that has been in a hive 27 years.  Last week he removed them into a new hive for them to live that much longer.

            Died -- June 8, George Musher, who had been lingering with consumption [tuberculosis] since last fall. Age 28 years.

            Very heavy storms of rain passed over this part of the country past week.  The corn ground was badly washed.  People are about through with their corn the first time, some are commencing to work it the second time. 

            The band improves in their playing.  They were out last Sunday.

            Remember, the "great Cancer Dr." is at the "Eagle Hotel" Caldwell, the afflicted should call and learn of his marvelous cures.  [adv]


21 Jun 1883

           John Brahler hived two swarms of bees on Tuesday.

            Sebast Snyder, wife and daughter, of Washington county, are visiting here. 

            Some frightful heavy rains last week. 

            There was some tobacco planted last week.

            The German Concert Band of Fulda will give an entertainment near Fulda, July 4th. 

            Leonard Rorick lost a valuable cow last week. 


28 Jun 1883

            J. B. Arnold broke the tongue of his wagon one day last week about one mile from Fulda. He had to leave it by the road side and one night last week some mischievous boys run it down the hill through a fence into woods, and loaded it with rails. 

          Death -- June 20, Anthony Kress, an old German settler, died at his residence about one mile from Fulda, age 72 years, 5 months, and 13 days. 

            Henry Brahler [age 16] is ill with the mumps. 

            William Johonning and wife and John V. Kress, of Washington County are visiting here in this neighborhood.

            The two new School houses that are to be build in Enoch Township were contracted to R. M. Wells and Ambros Merry last Saturday for $870.00 


5 Jul 1883

            John Bauges and wife, brother-in-law of G.C. Ehlerman, returned to Wheeling after a visit of several weeks. 

            F. I. Zwick lost a valuable cow Thursday. 

            John Zwick, brother of F. I. Zwick, of Monroe county, visited here on Sunday. 

            John L. Noll is building a new dwelling house for his father.

            Wheat cutting commenced in this neighborhood last week.            


12 Jul 1883

            Joseph Hupp raised his new barn Tuesday.

            Died -- At his residence, John Miller, one of the old German settlers of Enoch township, aged 84 years.

            Births -- July 5th, to Leonard and Mary Miller, a daughter; to Leonard and Regena Rohrick, July 6, a son.

            The pic-nic on the 4th was very nice and well attended, except a few boisterous men that raised a disturbance.   The band played excellently on the 4th.

            John Diegmiller, of Washington county, is visiting here. 

            Some very nice tombstones were put up in the catholic cemetery here last week. 

            Our school is taking a two weeks' vacation. 


26 Jul 1883

            John Brahler, Jr. is building a new blacksmith shop at Fulda.  Henry Brahler, his brother, cut his leg with an ax last Thursday while scoring timber. 

            Henry Shafer sold a three-year-old mare for $175 to a man from Wheeling. 

            G. C. Ehlerman took in 10,000 pounds of wool at Dexter City Saturday, at 30c and upward per pound.  

            Amelia Weaver, of Marietta, who taught our English school last winter, is visiting relatives here. 


9 Aug 1883
       Threshing has commenced with steam in this part of the county.

            John Brahler, Jr. has his new blacksmith shop nearly finished, and will commence work next week.  He is going to Wheeling this week to buy iron. 

            Births -- To Henry and Eva Snyder, a son; Ignatz and Francisca Ruppel, a son; Peter and Martina Craft, a daughter.

            Jacob Schaadt and wife, George Schaadt and wife, of Washington county are visiting friends here.  

            Harvesting is over and farmers are taking a rest.   

            John Fowler, of near Sarahsville, is helping John Brahler pack tobacco at G. C. Ehlerman's tobacco house at Fulda. 

            Three new members were received in the band last week. 

            Some small lots of wool were sold at 33 cents here last week. 

            Services at St. Michael's last Tuesday. 

            Our German school opened last week.


25 Oct 1883
            John Colman, of Stock Tp. near East Union, found a package of goods last week which belongs to some drummer who can have it by calling at his house. 

            John Colman has all kinds of lumber for sale.

            Rev. Father Luttig is no better. 

            G. C. Ehlerman raised his new dwelling house last Thursday.

            The foundation for the new school house is done.

            Mr. John Noll and wife returned home from a visit in Monroe county last Saturday.  [There were two married men named John Noll living in the Fulda area in 1883; they were father and son.  It is not known which one this note refers to.  A third John Noll -- father and grandfather of the two men in Noble County -- lived in Monroe County in 1883.]

            Our steam thresher is threshing clover seed now in this neighborhood.

            Adam Rousch returned home from a business trip to Pittsburg and other eastern cities on Wednesday. 








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