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In the excerpts below, italicized text  in brackets represents the comments of the editor of www.fuldaohio.org.   Excerpts are from The Caldwell Citizens' Press.  


20 Mar 1884

        Death -- March 8th, at his residence in Franklin township, Monroe County.  Michael Zwick, father of F. J. Zwick of Enoch township, this county, aged 73 years.   

          March 9th, John Huffman and John Harpst each lost a valuable cow.  

          Births -- March 10th, to John B. Hill esq., and wife, a son; to Ezra Poling and wife, a son the same day. 

          Joseph Now, Jr. sold his farm of 40 acres to John A. Armstrong for $1,400.  Mr. Now is going west.   

          A difference arose between the Company store and G. C. Ehlerman, in consequence of which delivery of goods was not made.  C. Eyssen who was to invoice the goods, returned home on the 11th.  

          John U. Brahler, August Dimmerling, and Philip Gerst went to Wheeling Monday morning.  



22 May 1884

        Died -- May 5th, little daughter of Leonard Miller, aged 10 months, died sudden by swallowing a large bean.   [Mary Blandina Miller]

          Birth -- May 6th, to John and Barbara Carnet, a son.  

          G. C. Ehlerman took down his entire crop of tobacco last week, over 100,000 lbs.  

          The assessor has quit bothering the people in Enoch township.



29 May 1884

        Rev. Father Luttig has bought him a fine horse and buggy and is taking a ride daily this fine weather.  

         William Johanning and John U. Brahler sold a brand new wagon which they put up for $75 to Joseph Werner.  Can't beat that.  

          Ferdinand Hahman lost a valuable cow last Friday.  John Hespot [Herbst]  and John Singer lost their spring colts last week. 

          Corn planting and sheep shearing is the general work of the day in this vicinity.  There were several new buildings raised in this neighborhood last week.  Cain Bros. are putting a new tin roof on the residence of F. I. Zwick.   



12 Jun 1884

          Jos. Burkhart together with his neighbors, has optioned their lands -- 500 acres -- for oil at $100 per acre.  So they are resting easy, solacing themselves with the thought that some may be born rich, some handsome, but it is better far to be born lucky.  But this is right, give the oil men a chance to test he matter, many of our farmers hold their lands beyond the reach of men who would go ahead and sink test wells.  They want about the actual worth of their farms cash down, and it is by a wildcat speculation, they do not like to invest, although they are willing to option land at fabulous prices and go to work and test for oil and if found in paying quantities, pay cash for the land, if not let the owner retain his land as they think the cost of sinking a well is enough for them to risk.  

      F.A. Hupp of Enoch has returned from the East again where he as been with a carload of stock.  Frank says he remained perfectly sober, drank nothing but water, and thinks it is not a bad drink after all. 

     Dry weather is having bad effect on tobacco.  Many are intending to raise large crops, and are waiting for rain to begin setting. A buyer of leaf tobacco is wanted here, no better point in the county.  

      John Brahler is announced as candidate for recorder. Give him all he asks as he is a worthy and honorable man, and deserves the nomination without a dissenting vote. 

      A large swarm of bees went away from Mrs.  Shafer's last Monday and has not been found yet.  [probably Elenora Liebold Schafer, widow of John Louis Schafer

      Birth -- to John and Barbara Herpst, a daughter, June 3rd.

     G.C. Ehlerman sold a fine horse to some man near Belle Valley for $150.

      Wool is selling rapidly at 26 to 30 cents per pound in this neighborhood.  G. C. Ehlerman is the buyer.  The should of sheep shears is all over the country.  

         Alexander Weisant raised his new frame barn last Tuesday.  Phillip Miller's new frame barn is nearly finished.  

       Sebastian Snyder of Ludlow tp., Washington county, Ohio brought a load of wool from there to Jacob Singer's which was sold immediately at 30 cents.  

       The Fulda Band is improving rapidly, they are fixing for the campaign.  



19 Jun 1884

         Birth -- June 11th, to John and Eva Michel, a son.  

          Died -- On June 11th, John Noll Sr., the father of John Noll, a blacksmith here, and the grand-father of John L. Noll, Miss Stella Nelson, and Mrs. Adam Rausch, died at the residence of his son-in-law, John Huth, of Ozart, Monroe county Ohio, age about 90 years.  Mr. John Noll, John L. Noll, Adam Rausch, and Miss Stella Nelson attended the funeral of John Noll Sr., heretofore mentioned.  

          The feather peddlers have not made their return yet; their time was up two weeks ago.  

          G. C. Ehlerman took in over 15,000 pounds of will last Friday and Saturday. He also bought himself a fine span of three year old mares, one from John L. Noll for $140 and one from John G. Hupp for $150.

          Miss Mary E. Arnold of Ozart [Monroe County, Ohio] returned home one day last week after a visit at her uncle John B. Arnold's. [Mary was the daughter of Adam Arnold.]

          We had a nice rain Friday afternoon and everybody was setting tobacco Saturday.  

          John Bramhall, John Brahler, and William Wilson are busy packing G. C. Ehlerman's tobacco.  

          Mrs. Barbara [Mattheis] Crock [widow of John Crock] returned home from a long visit to her daughter's in Washington county.  




3 Jul 1884

          John Brahler cut four bee trees last week, two of which had noting in, just cleaning out.  One was an old one, had been in many years, and had about ten feet of honey and comb.  One had a swarm that went away from Peter Kress' two days before.  He cut them out and left them in the place where they were, and hook them home; but two days afterwards they came out and left again.  

          The band will have a fourth of July celebration.  

          Our German school has a recess of two weeks in harvest.  The children made their first communion at the Catholic church last Sunday.  

         Frank Crum, of Stock township, who has been afflicted with rheumatism all spring and summer, made his appearance in town last Thursday, for the first time. 

          The company store is in the wool business now.  

          G. C. Ehlerman has shipped his wool he bought and is buying again.   

         The contract for carrying mail from Dexter to Fulda was awarded to Mr. Barber of Dexter City.  

          Last Wednesday and Thursday night we had some very heavy rains that made the people set out their tobacco plants.  They are all done.  



10 Jul 1884

          The celebration on the 4th was a success every thing quiet and nice, a good rain in the morning, and in the afternoon good music and entertainment until evening about 7 o'clock p.m... They had the best time ever known in this part of the country.  Bully, for the band boys.  

         John Huffman has a cow that gave birth to twin calves that will likely go to the county fair this fall.  

         Wheat cutting is about over in this part of the county, thrashing will be the next thing coming.  

         Holy service and first communion at St. Michaels' church for the children of that congregation, Sunday, July 6.  

         The oil territory has nearly reached us, only about two miles from us, but if it comes in the hills, the oil will fly.  





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