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About the Author of The German Beginning of Fulda, Ohio:


Dale Schaadt was actually born Dale Schott in May, 1960 in Stark County, Ohio.  He is the son of Vernon Schott, formerly of Fulda, Ohio.  Vernon is the son of William B. Schott  (wife was Louvina Schafer), and he grew up on the Michael Schaadt farm.  Dale�s mother was born Rosemary Crock near Caldwell.  Rosemary�s father was Sebastian Crock.  His wife was Freda Noll.  


The author has lived in the Denver Metropolitan area since graduating from Ohio State in 1982.  He is a 100% descendant of the German immigrants who are the subjects of this book.


Dale has been to Germany four times.  He worked on this project as part of the last two voyages in 1997 and 1998.


Feel free to contact the author through any of the following:


Dale D. Schott

2429 Elkhorn Ranch Street

Parker, Colorado 80138

(303) 988-0580   



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