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Excerpts from The German Beginning of Fulda, Ohio



"During the day the storm grew stronger and stronger, so that we saw around us high mountainous waves and deep abysses. And sometimes our ship is beaten by strong waves and we give up hope of surviving the furious, foaming, wildly raging sea. We wait and expect with longing our new fatherland. This trip! This trip! The long far trip. "


Passenger Log, Voyage to America of an immigrant who sailed the same route as many of the Fulda immigrants. March 20,1848. Page 49



“Now Know Ye, That the United States of America, in consideration of the Premises, and in conformity with the several acts of Congress, in such case made and provided, HAVE GIVEN AND GRANTED, and by these presents DO GIVE AND GRANT, unto the said Matthias Shackler and to his heirs, the said tract above described: To HAVE AND TO HOLD the same, together with all the rights , privileges, immunities, and appurtenances of whatsoever nature, thereunto belonging, unto the said Matthias Shackler and to his heirs and assigns forever. In Testimony Whereof I, Martin Van Buren, President of the United States of America, have caused these letters to be made Patent, and the Seal of the General Land Office to be hereunto affixed”


Part of Deed to farm of Matthias Schockling, August 15,1837. Deed Section


Year 1020       Emperor Heinrich II and Pope Benedict VIII visit Fulda together


History of Fulda, Germany Section. Page 68



"Now to your intended plans to visit Niederkalbach.  You are heartily invited by the Family Krack, who would be pleased to have a rare visit from you...  Since I am the speaker for the Family Krack, you are welcome and they anticipate your visit with joy.   I greet you and your family."  

Reinhold Goy, Priest of Niederkalbach, May 5, 1956.


Translation of a German letter from the priest who assisted Johanna Hohmann to become the first-known American born descendant of the Fulda immigrants to return to Germany for a family visit. Page 117


“The marriage record of Johannes Schaadt and Catherine Lerner was found in the civil records of Sankt Wendel on 15 January 1810. The marriage took place during the time when Napoleon’s army occupied Rhineland and other areas of Germany west of the Rhine River, and the civil records were recorded in French.”


Page 127



“On my mother’s side, no Irish are to be found. Her maiden name was Catherine Elizabeth Crum her mother’s, Anna Blanche Crock. The Crums and Crocks were of German immigrant stock from Fulda, Ohio.”


Pat Buchanan, presidential candidate, author, commentator. Page 153



“Drei Mittelkalbacher in Fulda (Ohio/USA)”  (Three Families from Mittelkalbach in Fulda, Ohio.)


Headline from German Article published July 15,1981 in Fuldaer Zeitung. Written by Elizabeth (Heil) Ginsberg, Columbia, MD  Page 166



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