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In its heyday, Fulda had several general stores.  This one was owned by Ed Crock, son of Jacob Crock. 

This picture of the Fulda General Store was taken in the spring of 1921 or 1922.  Proprietor Ed Crock (1891-1967) is shown with two of his children, Herman (1915-1981), and Dorothy (b. 1920).    It is believed that the store changed hands in the mid 1930s, when Ray Kress became the proprietor.  The store burned down in 1937, according to this article in the Zanesville Signal on Oct. 30, 1937

   CALDWELL -- Fanned by a strong wind, a fire of unknown origin swept through the general store owned by Raymond G. Kress at Fulda, 10 miles east of here, burning the building to the ground and destroying the entire stock this morning.
   The blaze was first noticed by Ed Crock, who lives in an adjoining house.  A bucket brigade was organized but its efforts proved futile.
   The frame building burned rapidly and fire raged uncontrolled before assistance could be called from any of the neighboring towns.  The damage was estimated at nearly $4500, part of which was covered by insurance.
   Every effort was made to save the building but when it was found that the blaze could not be extinguished the volunteers turned their attention toward preventing the fire from spreading to surrounding houses.
   A search through the ruins was started immediately in an effort to shed some light on the cause.


Photo courtesy of Lee Crock of Noble County, OH. 

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