Selected Families and Individuals


Johannes Schoeppner

At age 48, Johannes Schoeppner, his 45 year old pregnant wife Katherina, and their seven children left for America in 1835. Katharina gave birth to a daughter during the voyage. Katherina and her 6 year old son Herman died during the voyage to America. Although he lived another 40 years, Johannes never remarried. After what must have been a very difficult voyage Johannes arrived in America mourning the loss of his wife and youngest son.

The list of passengers for the Brig Ulysses show 50 year old sheppard, Johan Hohmann and his wife Anna Maria (49) and 10 year old Sebastian Hohmann. They were travelling from Mittelkalbach, Germany having left Bremen and arriveing in Baltimore on July 6, 1835. Other Mittelkalbach residents aboard the Ulysses included future Fulda residents John Scho[e]ppner (47), Ottilia Scho[e]ppner (25), Peter Scho[e]ppner (24), Eva Scho[e]ppner (14), Maria Elonore Scho[e]ppner (9, Johannis Heil (31), Barbara Heil (27) and Gertrude Heil (4).

John Schoeppner came from Wheeling to the farm on which his fifteen year old son Leonard lived in 1837 and built a house to which he removed his family in the following year. In the second year he met with a serious misfortune, getting his leg broken.

At the time of the John Shipner lived in Enoch Twp., Monroe County, Ohio. The 1840 census does not list the individual names of people in the household, only a breakdown by age. The breakdown (and presumed names of the family members) is as follows:
1 - male 15 - 20 years old (Leonard)
1 - male 50 - 60 years old (John)
1 - female 5 - 10 years old (Mary Ann)
1 - female 10 - 15 years old (Elizabeth)
1 - female 15-20 years old (Eva)
John Schoeppner was employed in agriculture. He could not read or write. Nearby households in the census belonged to Adam Schafer, Philip Snider, George Miller, Matthias Schockling, and John Hill. Another name in this group is hard to read -- John J?saker.

In 1850, 60 year old farmer John Shopner lived with the family of his son Leonard in Enoch Twp., Monroe County, Ohio.

At the time of the 1870 census, John Schoppner was 83 years old and infirm. He lived with the family of his son Leonard in Enoch Twp., Noble County, Ohio. John did not own any real estate. According to the census, he was not a US citizen.

He died in 1875 in his eighty-seventh year.

Katharina Heil

Schoeppner family legend tells that Katharina Heil Schoeppner died in childbirth, but no evidence exists to support this. It is known that she died at sea on board the Ulysses, along with her seven year old son Herman, during the crossing to America.

Eva Sidonia Schoeppner

It is believed that Eva died in childhood, since another girl in the family -- born eight years later -- was also named Eva.

Peter Schoeppner

Peter Schoeppner came to America with his parents and siblings in 1835. He did not settle in the Fulda, Ohio area. It is not known what became of Peter.

Sebastian Dimmerling

Also known as Henry Sebastian Dimmerling.

Henry Sebastian Dimmerling does not appear with the rest of the family in the 1860 census. He would have been five years old at the time.

In 1880, 25 year old farmer Sebastian Dimmerling lived next door to his parents in Enoch Twp. with his wife Rachel (21). Although church records indicate that they had a daughter born in 1879 who survived to adulthood, no child is listed in the household. Sebastian's other neighbor was Frank Schwallie, who was married to Sebastian's niece Gertrude Smith.

In 1900, 44 year old farmer Sebastian Dimmerling lived on a mortgaged farm in Enoch Twp., Noble County, Ohio with his 41 year old wife, Rachel, and six children: Clara (15), Edward (13), Earnest (11), Urban (8), Lucy (5), and Roy (2).

The following report appeared in The Caldwell Press 17 Nov 1915:
Fred Sehling. a young man about 25 years of age, while pulling rods on a well
on the Sebast Dimmerling farm near Fulda, got both his hands caught in the pulleys
making necessary the amputation of six fingers and one thumb.
It is believed that the unfortunate victim was Fred Saling, son of Valentine and Elizabeth (Blake) Saling.

At the time of the 1920 census, Sebastian and Regina Dimmerling owned a farm in Enoch Twp. Living with them was farm hand William Schockling and his wife Lucy. Adjacent farms in the census were those of Louis Kress and John Saling. John Saling was the brother of Fred Saling, the farm hand who lost his fingers on Sebastian Dimmerling's farm in 1915.

Regina Schott

According to the census, all eight of Rachel Schott Dimmerling's children were still living in 1900. Rachel spoke English, but could not read or write.

Urban Peter Dimmerling

According to his World War I Draft Registration Card (dated 5 Jun 1917), Urban worked at the Westinghouse Airbrake Plant in Wilmerding, PA in 1917.

Tombstone inscription (worn, numbers are very difficult to read):
Urban Dimmerling

Urban is buried near his siblings Edward Dimmerling, Mary R. Dimmerling Miller, and M. Elizabeth Dimmerling Hohman.

Roy Leander Dimmerling

On September 12, 1918, 20 yearl old farmer, Roy Leander Dimmerling of RFD #4, Caldwell, Noble Co., Ohio registered for the military draft. According to his draft registration card his date of birth was April 27, 1898 and his nearest relative was Sebastian Dimmerling [father] of RFD #4 Caldwell. His physical description is given as tall, slender, dark brown eyes and black hair.

Philip Gerst

In 1870, 26 year old farmer Philip Gerst lived in Enoch Twp., Noble County, Ohio with his wife Mary (24) and children Phronie (2) and John S. (10 mos). Also living in the house was a 12 year old girl named Onstian (?) Buch, a domestic servant who attended school. She was born in Virginia to foreign-born parents. Accoriding to the census, Philip was also born in Virginia. (This conflicts with the 1850 and 1880 census, which give his birthplace as Ohio.) Philip's wife and children were born in Ohio. His real estate was worth $3000, and his personal property was valued at $645. Philip could read but not write. Adjacent households in the census were those of John Sterangle and Philip's brother-in-law, Joseph Helfenbein.

At the time of the 1880 census, "Philip Gharst" (37) still lived in Enoch Twp. with his wife Mary (37) and children August (8), Matiltda (7), Marian (5), Rosanne (3), and Mary Amilda (8 months). According to the census none of the children attended school. (The census taker did not check of the "attended school" column for any of the children on this page or the adjacent pages of the census.) Adjacent farms in the census belonged to Philip's brother John Gerst and to Samuel Linsey.

This note appeared in the Fulda column of The Caldwell Citizens' Press on 20 Mar 1884:
John U. Brahler, August Dimmerling, and Philip Gerst went to Wheeling
Monday morning.

Noble County death records list Philip's cause of death as an "accident" but no details are given. Philip's son Leo "Jake" Gerst described the accident to family historian Roger Schockling in the early 1960s. The accident occurred when Jake was 2 years and 8 months old.

Several hired hands were felling trees and sawing logs on Philip Gerst's land. Philip had just joined the group when a log rolled over him. The hired men placed Philip -- who was in a great deal of pain -- on a horse-drawn log sled and took him home, where he succumbed to his injuries that evening.

The accident occurred close to two adjoining farms: those of John Gerst (Philip's brother) and John Schockling.

The Philip Gerst farm was later owned by Walter Rohrig.

Mary Dimmerling

In 1860, 17 year old Mary Dmmerling lived and worked with her parents and siblings on the family farm in Enoch Twp., Noble County, Ohio. She attended school during the previous year.

Mary was born in Ohio to German-born parents. As an adult, she spoke English, but could not read or write. In 1900, 57 year old widow Mary Dimmerling Gerst lived in Enoch Twp., Noble County, Ohio with her four youngest children: Mary (24), Rosa (23), Milda (20), and Leo (18). The census states that all six of Mary's children were still living in 1900; however, church records indicate that Mary had eight children. The first two, Veronica and Sebastian, died in 1872 when they were five and three years old, respectively.

Sixty-seven year old widow Mary Gerst lived alone at the time of the 1910 census.

Records conflict on year of birth: 10 Oct 1843 (Snider) vs. Oct 1842 (1900 census). Fulda historian Roger Schockling states that Mary Dimmerling had a stroke in her advanced years.

From death certificate:
Name: Mary Gerst
Age: 84 years 5 months 26 days
Occupation: Housework
Birth: 10 Oct 1842, Noble, Ohio
Marital status: Widowed
Father: August Dimmerling, Germany
Mother: Elizabeth Homan, Germany
Informant: Alex Snider, Caldwell Ohio [no blood relationship]

Veronica Gerst

Note that 5 year old Veronica and her 3 year old brother Sebastian died within two weeks of one another.

John Sebastian Gerst

Note that 3 year old Sebastian and his 5 year old sister Veronica died within
two weeks of each other.

Mary Amilda Gerst

Records conflict on date of birth:
Oct 1879 1880 census
07 Dec 1879 Snider (may be baptismal date)

In 1900, 20 year old unmarried "Milda" Gerst lived with her widowed mother and several siblings.

Valentine Scheetz

Valentine Schütz was the second youngest of 14 children. He came to America and settled in Fulda, OH. A letter that he wrote home to his brother can be found at

Alternate year of birth (R. Nault, C. Chuey): 1821

In 1860, 26 year old farmer Hessian-born Valentine Schitz lived in Enoch Twp., Noble County, Ohio with his 23 year old wife Odelia and their sons John (2) and William (7 months).

At the time of the 1870 census, 40 year old "Felds Sheets" was still living in Enoch Twp. with his wife Edelia (35) and children John (12), William (11), Catherine (8), Eve (7), Henry (4), and Joseph (8 mos.) The oldest three children attended school.

In June 1880, "Valentine Sheets" (59) lived in Enoch Twp. with his wife Odelia (41) and eight children: John (22), William (20), Eve (16), Henry (14), Joseph (10), Mary (8), Philip (6), and Alexander (1). All the children attended school except John (the oldest) and Alexander (the youngest). Valentine's birthplace in the census is "Fulda, Germany." Everyone else in the household was born in Ohio. Adjacent farms in the census belonged to Christopher Rich and David Parks.

Ottilia Gerst

After her husband's death, Ottilia Gerst Scheetz and her children moved to Youngstown, Ohio where they established the Scheetz Lumber Co..

Joseph H. Scheetz

In the 1870 census, Joseph Scheetz' date of birth is specifically written as "Sept" of the previous year (1869).

In 1930, Joe Scheetz lived with his younger brother Alex in Austintown, Mahoning County, OH.

Mary Scheetz

In 1920, 47 year old unmarried Mary Scheetz lived with the family of her widowed brother Edward, in Youngstown, Mahoning Co., OH. She was not employed.

John Vogelsberger

John and Eva (Gerst) Vogelsberger moved to Youngstown, Mahoning Co., OH in 1865.

Joseph Gerst

By 1880, Joseph (33) and Philamena (33) Gerst had moved to Youngstown, Ohio with their three daughters, Blondina (4 mos), Matilda (6) and Sarah A. (2). According to the census, Joseph and the girls were natives of Ohio, while Philaeman was from Pennsylvania, as were her parents. Joseph's parents wer from Europe, but no country is specified. Joseph worked as a miller. Both he and his wife could read and write.

In 1920, the family was still living in Youngstown, now at 1830 Hillman St. The household consisted of Joseph (53) and Philomena (53) Gorst, and their daughter Mary M. (28). Joseph worked as an agent for sowing machines. The census states that two of Philomena's three children were still living in 1900.

At the time of the 1910 census, Joseph (64) and Villamena (63) Gerst owned a home at 1830 Hillman St. in Youngstown. According to the census, Minnie had given birth to four children, two of whom were deceased. The two surving children, Mary M. (28) and Darah A. (16) both lived with them. Joseph and his daughters were born in Ohio; his wife was a native of Pennsylvania. Joseph and Minnie's parents were from Germany. Joseph was a self-employed machinist working in the repaving industry.

Philomena Roush

Records conflict on place of birth: Germany (1860 census) vs. Pennsylvania (1870-1910 census & death certificate).

Sources also conflict on year of birth:
20 Oct 1847 -- Snider
Nov 1847 -- 1900 census
20 Oct 1845 -- death certificate

In 1870, 22 year old Philomena Rauch kept house for her widowed fatther and younger siblings in Enoch Twp., Noble County, Ohio.

The 1900 census states that one of Philomena's three children was deceased. She was 53 at the time. Ten years later, the census indicates that two of Philomena's four children had died.

From death certificate:
Name: Philomena Gerst
Residence: 1830 Hillman St., Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio
Age: 65 years 3 months 4 days
Occupation: Housewife
Birth: 20 Oct 1845, Penna.
Marital status: Married
Father: Aloysiur Rausch, Germany
Mother: Margaret Hilderbrandt, Germany
Informant: Agnes Gerst, 1830 Hillman St.

Mary Matilda Gerst

From death certificate:
Name: Mary M. Gerst
Age: 61 years
Occupation: Housekeeper
Birth: date unknown, Ohio
Marital status Single
Father: Joseph Gerst, Ohio
Mother: Philomina Rausch, Pa
Informant: [Massillon] State Hospital records

According to her death certificate, Mary M. Gerst had been a patient at Massillon State Hospital for 9 years, 9 months and 13 days [since18 Apr 1925]. Prior to that, she lived at 1830 Hillman Ave. in Youngstown, Ohio. A contributory cause of death was "paranoid state psychosis," present since 1924.

Sarah A. Gerst

In 1910, 32 year old Sarah A. Gerst was the oldest of six unmarried women living in a rooming house at 215 Frances St. in Youngstown, Ohio. All of the women were nurses at the city hospital.

Barbara Müller

The 1880 US census entry for Valentine Scheetz states that both his parents were born in Fulda, Germany. (This may be a reference to Landkreis Fulda (county Fulda), not necessarily the city of Fulda.

Aloysius Roush

In 1860, 40 year old day-laborer Allen Rouse lived in Enoch Twp., Noble County, Ohio with his children: Simon (15), Philomina (14), Catherine (12), Mary A. (10), and Adam (8). Aloysius and the two older childern were born in Hesse; the three younger children were born in Pennsylvania. According to the census, none of the children attended school. Aloysius' wife Margaret was not listed with the family and is presumed to have died before the census.

At the time of the 1870 census, tailor Lewis Rauch (53) lived in Enoch Twp. with his children Philomena (22), Catherine (21), Mary (19), and Adam (17). Philomena kept house, and the rest of the children all worked in the tailor shop. Adam also attended school. Mary was able to read but not write. Lewis' real estate was valued at $1000, and his personal property was worth $1535. Adjacent households in the census were those of grocer John B. Arnold and blacksmith Charles Ramsey.

Margaret Heldbrand

Margaret does not appear in the 1860 census with her husband and children, and is presumed to be deceased. The 1880 census entry for Margaret's son Adam Rausch states that his parents were born in Hesse.

Simon Roush

In 1860, 15 year old Simon Rouse lived with his father and siblings in Enoch Twp., Noble Co., Ohio. His occupation is listed as "day laborer." He was not listed with the family 10 years later.