Selected Families and Individuals


Frances Mary Schweinberg

No children.

Cyril Joseph Schweinberg

Twin of Bernard Schweinberg.
Veteran of US Navy, WWII. Employed as an engineer for the City of Pittsburgh.
SS#: 167-07-0039 issued in PA prior to 1951.
No children.

Ruth A. Wolfe

SS#: 210-10-5661 issued in PA prior to 1951.
No children.

Thomas E. Coleman

Brakeman, Union Railroad. SS# issued in PA prior to 1951.

Mary Margaret Schweinberg

Date and place of death (from Social Security Death Index) are not proven.

Coleman Coleman

four years in Navy

Loretta Catherine Schweinberg

Living individual, details withheld

Dennis Kuhn


Patricia McMullen

Registered nurse.

Arthur Garrig

School administrator.

Christine McMullen


Cyril McGinnis


Hollee McGinnis

adopted from Korea

Raymond Jacob Booher

Draftsman RCA Corp.