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George A. Kinnen

From The Republican Journal (Caldwell, OH newspaper) 15 Jan 1919
Those who spent Friday evening with Dora Warner's were: Mr. and Mrs. Francis Crock, Catherine Sorg, Clyde and Edward Schehl, George Kinnen, Clarence and Clyde Schwallie. A note from the 15 Jan 1919 issue of the Republican Journal:
The following persons spent Sunday at Dora Warner's: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kinnen, Catherine Sorg, Bernetta and Beulah Kinnen, Clement Smith, Clyde and Edward Schehl, Nicholas Sorg, Clarence Schwallie, George Kinnen, Clarence Thompson and Bede Crum.

George Kinnen, 71, of Caldwell Route 6 was found dead in his home at
4 p.m. Monday following an apparent heart attack. He was born Aug. 1,
1901, in Athens County, a son of John and Barbara Schwallie Kinnen.
Surviving are two sons, James of Belle Valley and Cletus of 357 Grandview
road; nine grandchildren; a brother, Henry, of Caldwell; and three sisters, Mrs.
Julia Arnold of Caldwell Route 4, Mrs. Edna Saling of Norwood, and Mrs.
Viola Sigrist of Zanesville. His wife, Clementine, died in 1969. A son is
Friends may call 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. today at McVay Funeral Home in
Caldwell where services will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday with Rev. Danny
Nunn officiating. Burial will be in Village View Cemetery at Sarahsville.

Clementine B. Burkhart

Mrs. Clementine Kinnen, 63, of Caldwell Route 5, died at 10:30 a.m.
Monday (May 12, 1969) at her home following an apparent heart attack.
She was born March 18, 1906 in Monroe County, a daughter of Nicholas
and Mary Herron (sic) Burkhart.
She is survived by her husband, George Kinnen; two sons, James Kinnen
of Caldwell Route 6 and Cletus Kinnen of Zanesville Route 1; nine grandchildren;
a brother, Joseph B. Burkhart of Lewisville Route 1; five sisters, Mrs. Josephine
Zwick, Mrs. Goldine Hill and Mrs. Mary Crum, all of Canton, Mrs. Loretta
Zwick and Mrs. Pauline Weisent, both of Lewisville Route 1.
Friends may call 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. today at McVay Funeral Home in
Caldwell where services will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday with Rev. Roy
Wickander officiating. Burial will be in Village View Cemetery at Sarahsville.

Howard Joseph Hill

Six year old Howard J. Hill is found in the 1910 census in the household of his grandparents, Andrew and Ida Warner. His father had remarried and his two older sisters had been placed in an orphanage.

From the Zanesville Times Recorder, 14 Oct 1949:
BERNE, O. -- Mr. Howard Hill returned to his home after spending
the week-end with his family in Canton.

Howard worked at the Timken Roller Bearing Company in Canton, Ohio.

Source for middle name: daughter-in-law Charlotte Ott Hill, wife of Eugene Hill.

Johann Peter Haren

Researcher Mark Haren writes: An 80 page Haren genealogical history starting with Johann Peter and Gertrude Weisend, lists both direct and collateral ancestors and their descendents was sent to me (Mark L. Haren) by Mrs. Velma Horansky. A personal letter dated Feb 12, 1997 acknowledges that the history was compiled by Mrs. Horansky's cousin from Akron, Summit, Ohio. Mrs. Horansky's cousin is unknown to me (Mark L. Haren). The history that I, (Mark L. Haren) received also contains detailed information as to the various sources for everyone listed within the history. It is a partial history only. Marriage date to Gertrude Weisend Haren verified as per film # 777188.

A four page Haren genealogical history that list's both direct and collateral ancestor's and their children's children, was sent to me by Fr. Frederick C. Kihm, who received the list from Sr. Mary Anne Froehlich who is presently at St. Sylvester's Parish in Woodsfield, Monroe, Ohio. Johann Peter's birth date is authenticated as per LDS film # 777188 as being 2 Feb 1796 in Obersteinbach, as opposed to 5 Jan 1797 as shown on William F. Archer's Ancestral Chart. The birth record is recorded in German as Johan Peterus. Johann Peter's occupation was that of a Laborer/Farmer. Marriage document found and verified on film # 777190. Document written in German.

At the time of the 1850 census, 53 year old German-born farmer "Peter Horm" lived in Malaga Twp., Monroe County, Ohio with his wife Getrot (44) and children Peter (21), Frederick (20), Jacob (17), Lanny (14), Adam (10), Michael (7), Barbara (4), and John (1). None of the children attended school. Peter Haren's farm was valued at $1700. Adjoining households in the census belonged to Joseph Carpenter and Frederick J. Burkhart.

Found again on 1860 Ohio Census Malaga Twp. Monroe Co. film # 805012 Pg. 91 at age 63 yrs. (Surname spelled Horn) with following family members: Wife: Gertrude (Weisend) (Listed as Catharine) Age 53 yrs and Children: Jacob Age 25, Adam Age 12, Michael (Listed as Michell) Age 18, Barbara (Listed as Barbary) Age 15 and John Age 11 yrs. Age at death 71 yrs. Johann is a form of John.

The following is an excerpt from the Haren Family History, compiled by Mrs. Phyllis Ethel (Doll) Haren on December 1, 1992 and later received from Mrs. Marilyn Ann (Monter) Haren of Louisville, Stark, Ohio. This particular history concentrates on the descendants of Peter Haren, the son of Johann Peter Haren and Gertrude Weisend.

Early Life As residents of the Alsace - Lorraine area, the parents of John Peter Haren lived through some of the most turbulent periods of European history. They endured the effects of the French Revolution which began with the storming of the Bastille in 1789. During the Reign of Terror, under the leadership of the French revolutionist Robespierre, King Louis XVI was guillotined in January, 1793, and Marie Antoinette suffered the same fate in October of the same year. many of the Leader's political opponents were executed, Catholics revolted, civil wars erupted, Christianity was abolished, and France was at war with England, Holland and Prussia. the dictatorship of Robespierre was toppled in July, 1794, but the Revolution continued until 1799, two years after the birth of John Peter Haren.

During the early life of John Peter Haren, France was ruled by Emperor Napoleon (Bonaparte) I, who married Josephine Beaurnais in March, 1796. The entire military career and reign of the emperor consisted of one plot or conquest after another all over Europe, and as far away as Egypt. His plan to establish a colonial empire in America failed when his army in Haiti was destroyed by fever in 1803. As a result, France was forced to sell the territory, The Louisiana Purchase, to the United States that same year. The reign of Emperor Napoleon I began on May 18, 1804, when John Peter Haren was 7 years old. With much of France in devastation, he was forced to abdicate on April 11, 1814, and was exiled to the Island of Elba. After his escape and return to France on March 2, 1815, Napoleon resumed his title and began a new regime, referred to as his 100 Day Reign. Through the combined forces of all of the countries in Europe, the emperor was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo on June 18, 1815. King Louis XVIII, who fled to England during the 100 Day Reign, returned to France and the ex - emperor was exiled to the Island of St. Helena, when John Peter Haren was 18 years old.

While Napoleon was ruling France, Frederick William III was King of Prussia until he was overthrown by Napoleon in 1806. The German state remained at the mercy of its captor until 1813, when with the help of Austria and Russia, Prussia regained its independence by defeating Napoleon at Leipzig. During his reign, which continued until his death in 1840, Frederick William III hampered all movements toward a constitutional government, halted social changes, and restricted the press.

King Louis XVIII, Napoleon's successor, retained the throne until his death in 1824, when John Peter Haren was 27 years old. His reign was followed by that of his brother, the Last of the Bourbon monarchy, who assumed the name of King Charles X. Under his Leadership, the press was subjected to rigid censorship, the structure of the constitution was tampered with, and the French people retaliated. They invaded the palace and forced Charles X to flee to England in 1830. John Peter Haren was 33 years old, married to Gertrude Weisend and had two sons, Joseph and Peter.

In 1830, Louis Philippi was invited to replace the ousted King Charles X, and to become the constitutional King of France. The followers of Philippi were primarily middle - class tradesmen. While it cannot be determined whether or not any of the Haren ancestors were among his followers, it is almost certain that some of them were tradesmen. The tradition, talent and expertise of their descendants, as tradesmen in the construction business, has been a part of the family heritage for generations. Even though, according to history, France made undeniable progress during the regime of the constitutional king, 1830 - 1848, it was hindered by the emotional violence of public opinion on the part of his political opponents. John Peter Haren and his family, which included a third son, Frederick, born in 1831, immigrated to the United States during the early part of the Louis Philippi reign.

The first great wave of European immigrants arrived in the United States in the 1830's which parallels the estimated arrival time of the John Peter Haren Family. Fortunately, they did not have to endure the scrutiny of Ellis Island because it did not become the chief port of entry into the country until 1892. Many of the immigrants used the Erie Canal as the first Lap of their journey to new homes in mid - western America. The 325 mile canal between Buffalo and Albany, New York was opened to traffic in 1825. It connected Lake Erie with the Hudson River, the waterway to Brooklyn, New York and the Atlantic Ocean. By 1818, the Cumberland Road, also called the National Road, had been completed between Cumberland, Maryland, on the Potomac River and Wheeling, West Virginia, on the Ohio River. There is no record of the course of travel taken by John Peter Haren and his family to their port of embarkation, or to their destination in this country, but their determination and perseverance will remain Legacies of the Haren family.

When John Peter Haren and his family settled in Woodsfield, Ohio, only 28 states had been admitted to the Union, Andrew Jackson was serving as the 7th president of the United States, and the American Civil War was still 30 to 35 years into the future.

Alsace - Lorraine Alsace - Lorraine is a region in France which originally incorporated two individual provinces with a combined name. The capital of Lorraine was Nancy; the capital of Alsace was Strasbourg (German: Strassburg). Alsace, the province specifically identified by Peter Haren as his birthplace, is a vertical strip of Land Lying between the Rhine River (German border) on the east, and by France and Lorraine on the west. It is also joined by Germany on the north, and by Switzerland on the south. The 120 mile Vasges Mountain Range in the western portion of the province extends southward from Strasbourg to the Belfort Gap and the city of Belfort. The principal river of Alsace, the 112 mile Long ILL, flows through the richest agricultural Land of the province, and empties into the Rhine about 9 miles south of Strasbourg.

The city of Strasbourg is in what is presently the Bas-Rhin department (state) of France, and in what was originally the northern section of the province. It is a river port and is 2 miles west of the Rhine River. The outstanding feature of the city, and of all of Alsace, is the Cathedral of Notre Dame, one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture on the continent. It dates back to the year 1015, and its most striking feature is its stained - glass rose window which is 50 ft. in diameter. Johann Guttenberg first introduced his printing press in Strasbourg, and Rouget de LIsle composed his " La Marsaillaise," the French national anthem, in the city. Since 1762, Strasbourg has been famous for making pate - de - foie - gras (goose liver), which is shipped to markets throughout the world.

Alsace, originally occupied by Celtic tribes, was captured by the Romans in the middle 800's, thereby making it a domain of the Holy Roman Empire, which also included The Kingdom of France and the German Kingdom. During the next century, the ruling body of the province in Strasbourg began its association with the German Kingdom which Lasted for 7 centuries. In spite of what occurred in future years regarding the ownership of the province, this long affiliation probably accounts most of all for the Haren family's claim to be of German descent, and for their traditional use of the German Language for many years.

As the French and the German Kingdoms became more individually independent and more competitive about expanding their own domains, the Holy Roman Empire weakened. Because of its geographical, sandwiched - in Location between the two rival nations, Alsace especially, became the target of their aggressive pursuits. One of France's main sources of strength was its national unification. The same was not true of Germany. Instead of being unified, the empire was composed of numerous states, each one governed by its own prince. Prussia was the Largest and most powerful.

France gained portions of Alsace at the Peace (treaty) of Westphalia in 1648, which ended the 30 Years War. The city of Strasbourg was overtaken by the French in 1681, during the reign of King Louis XIV; the gain was ratified by the Treaty of Ryswick in 1697. The remainder of the province came under French rule during the French Revolution, 1789 - 1799. France retained possession of Alsace - Lorraine for more than 70 years, until it was seized by and ceded to Germany at the close of the Franco - Prussian War, 1870 - 1871, more than 35 years after John Peter Haren and his family had immigrated to the United States. After World War I, at the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, Germany was forced to return the region to France.

Gertrude Catharine Weisend

Researcher Mark Haren writes: "Gertrude is buried at St.John The Baptist Church Cemetery. Marriage date verified as per film # 777188. She was William F. Archer's great great grandmother. Died at age 86 yrs. Information received from Mrs. Marilyn Haren of Louisville Ohio, who is married to an ancestor of Peter Haren, the son of Johann Peter Haren, list's Gertrude's mother as Margaret Swallie. (Anna Margaretha Krauter is correct)."

Magdalene Haren

Magdalene(a) was also known as Lena. Personal letter from William F. Archer states that " Magdalena's birth was 7 Nov 1836. " She was William F. Archer's great grandmother. An 80 pg. family history received from Mrs. Velma (Martin) Horansky gives birth as Oct 27 1846. Film # 444705 pg. 243.

Isadore L. Schumacher

Isadore and Ada Schumacher had no children.

Lyle Joseph Weisend

Obituary: (from Betty Hartley)
Lyle J. Weisend, 77, of Route 1, Lewisville, died at 10:59 am. Feb. 13 in the Ohio
Valley Medical Center, Wheeling, WV, following an extended illness. He was born at
Lewisville Aug.22, 1911 a son of the late Clem and Josephine Nauer Weisend. He was a
re­tired employee of Consoli­dated Aluminum, Hannibal, a member of St. Sylvester’s
Catholic Church, St. Francis Society and the Purgatorial Society.
He was preceded in death by two brothers, Paul and Harold Weisend and one sister,
Emma Weisend.
He is survived by his wife, Pauline Burkhart Weisend. of the home whom he married
June 20, 1936; one son, David Weisend of the home: four daughters, Patricia Vanderaar of
Berea, Betty Glynn of Glenndale, AZ, Susan Pickets of Ithaca, NY, and Mary Rumburger
of Summersville, WV; one brother,. Neil Weisend of Woodsfield; three sisters, Hilda Zwick
of Canton, Rita Gallagher of Quaker city, and Mary Eschliman of Massillon; nine grand-
Friends were received at the Watters Funeral Home, Woodsfieki. Mass of chns­tian Burial
was celebrated Feb. 16 at St. Sylvester’s Catholic Church, Woodstield, with Rev, George Adams
as celebrant. Burial followed in the St. Sylvester’s Catholic Church Cemetery at Woods­field.
Rosary Devotions were recited at 8:30 p.m. Feb. 15 at the funeral home.

Pauline Barbara Burkhart

Sources conflict on middle name:
Barbara - Social Security Death Index
Ethel -- researcher Linda Kay Anderson

From The Zanesville Signal (pg 8), 16 Mar 1950:
WOODSFIELD - Mrs. Lyle Weisend of the Lewisville road was hostess to
the members of the Dopey Dozen club at her home today. The day was spent
informally. Mrs. Weisend’s guests were Mrs. Arthur Kuhn, Mrs. Okey Ruble,
Mrs. Nick Marceralli, Mrs. Leander Kuhn, Mrs. Harmon Scoot, Mrs. Leland
Jackson, Mrs. Ward Bishop, Mrs. Raymond Carpenter, Mrs. Delores Burkhart,
and Mrs. Ralph Carpenter.

Pauline Weisend's brief death notice appeared in the the Belmont County Times Leader, September 20, 2007

WEISEND, Pauline B., 94, of the Monroe County Care Center, Woodsfield, Ohio,
formerly of Lewisville, Ohio, died Wednesday, September 19, 2007, in the center. Arrangements are incomplete at the Watters Funeral Home, Woodsfield.

A more extensive obituary was published in the Wheeling Intelligencer:

Pauline B. Weisend, 94, of the Monroe County Care Center, Woodsfield, Ohio
(formerly of Lewisville, Ohio) died Wednesday, September 19, 2007 at the center.
She was born at Lewisville, Ohio on September 16, 1913 a daughter of the late
Nicholas and Mary Ann Haren Burkhart.
She was a homemaker; a member of the St. Sylvester Catholic Church, Woods-
field, Ohio where she was a member of the Catholic Womens Club and also served
as a former Eucharistic Minister..
In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by four sisters, Loretta Zwick,
Josephine Zwick ,Goldine Hill and Clementine Kinnen; two brothers, Andy Burkhart
and Joseph Burkhart; one infant brother.
Surviving are four daughters: Patricia (John) Vanderaar of Berea, Ohio, Betty
(Tim) Glynn of Glendale, Arizona, Susan (Eric) Devin of Aurora, New York and
Mary (Bob) Rumberger of West Chester, Ohio; one son: David (Fran) Weisend
of Lewisville, Ohio; one sister: Mary Crum of Tennessee; ten grandchildren; nine
great grandchildren.
Friends will be received at the Watters Funeral Home, 37501 State Route 78
West, Woodsfield, Ohio from 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. Sunday, September 23, 2007.
Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 11:00 a.m. Monday, September
24, 2007 at the St. Sylvester Catholic Church, Woodsfield, Ohio with Rev. Fr.
David Gaydosik as the celebrant. Burial will follow in the St. Sylvester Catholic
Church Cemetery, Woodsfield, Ohio.
Vigil services will be held at 8:00 p.m. Sunday at the funeral home.

Michael E. Masterson

Dates of birth and death (from Social Security Death Index) have not been proven. Social Security number issued in Ohio in 1963.