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Many years ago Mr. Karl Jestaedt of Petersberg/Fulda/Germany sent researcher Elizabeth Ginsberg a copy of the newspaper Fuldaer Zeitung dated January 8, 1874. In it a thank-you letter from the Bishop's Office in Fulda was published, gratefully acknowledging a donation from Father Demetrius J. Klueber in the amount of $133. This sum was given by the parishioners of St. Mary Church in Fulda/Ohio where Fr. Klueber, a native of Fulda/Germany, was pastor since 1860.

The purpose of the donation was to alleviate the sufferings the German bishop and his priests had to endure during the Kulturkampf when the Catholic Church was harassed, and worse, by the German government.

On the day the letter from Fulda, Ohio was mailed, the bishop was buried. He did not know of the consolation that emigrants from his diocese in the faraway parish of St. Mary were sending him. The following is a translation of the letter issued by the Bishop's Office the end of December 1873:
To Reverend Father Klueber
Neufulda, North America

We have received the 133 dollars sent by Your Reverence and have bestowed it upon the designated purpose. The sympathy which you and your pious parishioners have manifested, has touched not only us, but all the faithful far beyond the boundaries of our diocese. Sufferings which call forth this love and a readiness to make sacrifices, surely serve the good of the Church.

We regret very much, that the demonstration of such a magnanimous love could not gladden the heart of His Grace the Bishop anymore here on earth. On the day when your gifts were directed towards him, we had consigned his earthly remains to the grave.

Rich in merits and with the crown of the confessor, the Lord called him on Oct. 14 [1873] to a better world, after grievous sufferings. During the hard afflictions of the last days of his life, the numerous proofs of the most faithful devotion from his beloved former parishioners in a faraway continent, would have been the sweetest consolation. May he, now resting in God, bless you from Heaven.

Again we convey to you, Reverend Sir, and to your parishioners who gladdened our hearts with their sacrifice and love, our most heartfelt thanks. We pray to God, that He may reward you abundantly.

Father Klueber stayed in touch with his native city. In the Fuldaer Zeitung dated September 4, 1875, a small notice says:

From a letter by Reverend Pastor Klueber from Neufulda [America] we learn that on August 22 [1875] a new church dedicated to St. Mary was consecrated.


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