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Review  of The German Beginning of Fulda, Ohio


First published in March 2000, The German Beginning of Fulda, Ohio is now in homes in 17 states, and in Germany. It was reprinted for the third time in October 2001. Approximately 20 people --many professionals -- made contributions. (203 pages including Addendum)


George Archer, McLean, Virginia entered this review March 22,2001 to Rootsweb for Noble and Monroe counties.


"Here is a significant book on the German settlement in Fulda... The book is expensive but probably the best book in print on Fulda and its German immigrant heritage. It covers the lives of the immigrants and families between 1700 and 1875 to include some political and economic history, history of Fulda, Germany and environs but focusing more on specific families from Bavaria or Rhineland Pfalz, Prussia, Hessen Kassel, Saxe Weimar and Alsace-Lorraine (now in France)... The author provides good bibliographic source citations for much of his research, some of it in German. He provides personal accounts of modern descendantsí visits to Germany, including his own."



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