The more names there are in the database, the more valuable this web site becomes for all Fulda researchers.  If you're connected to at least one person in the Fulda Families database, you can share  your genealogical data to be included on this website.  Sharing your data permits you to help other researchers, and may enable you to make contact with others who are working on the same families.  

There are several ways you can submit information to the database: 

*       Gedcom file sent via e-mail -- This is the fastest and easiest method.  Gedcom is a universal format that allows people to exchange data regardless of what genealogical software package they use.  All major genealogy software allows you to export data in gedcom format.  You can then send the gedcom file as an e-mail attachment to   

*       Pedigree charts and Family Group Records -- Click on the highlighted words to the left to display a blank copy of each type of chart.  Then go to File --> Save As to save the blank charts to your hard drive.  (Be sure to remember the names of the files and what directory you save them in.)  Start up your word processor (like MS Word) and open the documents.  You can either type data into them, or print out the blank forms and fill them in by hand.  If you use a word processor to fill in the form, use Save As to save it with a different name (so you don't overwrite the blank form).  Then send the filled out form as an e-mail attachment to   If you fill out the forms by hand, you can mail them to: 

                    William Vogler

                    P.O. Box 295

                    Hitchcock, Texas 77563


*       Photocopies of notes and papers in your collection can be sent to William Vogler at the above address.