Communion 1902

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This photo of the First Communion Class at St. Mary's in Fulda was taken between 1900 and 1904.  If you recognize anyone, please let Lynn know.



Interesting points about the photo: 

1) There is quite a difference in ages in the children in the picture.  The youngest children appear to be 5 or 6, while the oldest look like they're 12 or 13.  One wonders if the First Communion ceremony was held only once every five years or so.  How else would one explain the disparate ages of the communicants?  


2) Four of the boys are dressed in white short suits, while 21 are wearing black suits.  The boys in white are younger than the ones in black.  All the boys in white are holding flowers, while the boys in black are holding candles.  What is the significance of dressing the younger boys differently? Researcher Joann Cummings thought maybe the younger boys were only as escorts to the group. As well as the littler girls, you notice they are just carry a flower too and are not wearing a veil, just a ring of flowers. It looks like maybe the ones with the candles were making their First Communion.


3) Note the  hooded adult standing behind and to the left of Father Pollard; possibly a nun.  



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