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Old Photos

Do you have photos of your ancestors that you'd like to share?  Please contact Bill Vogler:wa3jdq@aol.com.  At this time, only photos of people who were born prior to 1900 can be posted on the web site (due to space limitations).  

In the alphabetical listing below, women are listed by their married name. 

Aldenhoven: Mauritz Aldenhoven.   

Arnold Sebastian and Mary Ann (Schafer) Arnold and their ten children  c. 1911.  

Blake: Anna Noll Blake c. 1920 and her husband, Fred Blake 

Brahler: Elizabeth Schaub Brahler 

Burkhard: Eight adult daughters of Theobald and Catherine [Singer] Burkhard  1947

Burkhard: World War I photo of brothers Julius "Jake" and Alphons "Bill" Burkhard, c. 1918

Crock: Fulda General Store with Ed Crock (son of Jacob Crock) and two of his young children c. 1922

Crock: The family of Edward (son of Joseph Crock) and Anna (Nau) Crock, two photos: 1914 and c. 1920.

Crock: Henry and Elizabeth Catherine Schott Crock

Crock: Caroline Smithberger Crock c. 1870s

Crock: Casper and Kate (Burkhart) Crock c. 1890s

Crock: The family of Jacob and Matilda Yeagle Crock  c. 1902

Crock:  The seven adult sons of Joseph and Mary Schott Crock c. 1905

Crock: Michael Crock (1886-1971), son of Casper Crock and Carolina Smithberger c. 1905

December: Peter December and daughter Katherine (December) Burkhart c. 1890

Estadt: Frank "Andy" Estadt and family, c. 1914

Estadt: Florian Estadt (1835-1919) and five of his adult children

Estadt: Mary Ebert Estadt (1838-1919), wife of Florian Estadt.  

First Communion class at St. Mary's c. 1902.

Fox: Family of Ferdinand and Sibylla Singer Fox (Fuchs) c. 1921

Hartman: Mary Brahler Hartman (widow of Adam Hartman) c. 1920.  

Heil: Family of Sebastian Heil and Catherine Singer Heil.  c. 1917.  

Hill: John A. and Rose (Schafer) Hill, 1904.

Hohman: Family of Hildegard Krack Hohman (widow of Anton Hohman) c. 1908

Hohman: Family of John Maurice Hohman (1847-1908) and Elizabeth Huffman Hohman c. 1898

Hohman: John Maurice Hohman (1871-1944), his wife Theresa Heil Hohman, and their 13 children, 1933.

Kuhn: Joseph and Justina (Crock) Kuhn wedding photo, 1899

Kuhn: John and Anna Mary (December) Kuhn, c. 1900

Miller: Alex and Margaret (Warner) Miller c. 1906

Miller: Family of Frank J. and Margaret (Schaad) Miller c. 1925

Miller: Louis and Ottilia Crock Miller 

Miller:  John and Kate  (Michel) Miller and their 10 children, c. 1912

Muth: Three of the children of Anton and Helena (Singer) Muth c. 1905

Muth: Families of Casper and Anton Muth c. 1904

Nau: Family of Frank and Margaret (Miller) Nau c. 1908

Nau: Family of Henry Nau and Elizabeth (Blake) Nau, c. 1892. 

Noll: Family of Nicholas Noll and Mary Catherine Miller c. 1897

Roehrig: wedding of Elenora Roehrig and John Riski, 1953

St. Joseph's first grade class, 1910, first & second grade, Braddock, Allegheny Co., PA

Schafer: John and Elenora Schafer c. 1855

Schafer: Joseph and Catherine (Fisher) Schafer c. 1900

Scheetz: Mary Amelia "Emma" Aldenhoven Scheetz (1885-1974), widow of Frank Scheetz

Scheetz:  William Scheetz and Barbara Nau Scheetz

Schockling:  Sebastian and Caroline Schoeppner Schockling, and their seven children (1914)

Schoeppner: A quilt made by Rosa Brahler Schoeppner (1864-1935).

Schoeppner:  1905 wedding photo of Rose Estadt and Edward Schoeppner with attendants Leo Schoeppner and Margaret Estadt.  

Schott: Casper Schott (1862-1947) and wife Catherine (Weisent) Schott (1867-1946) c. 1900

Schott: Nicholas F. Schott (1859-1947) and wife Philomena Smithberger Schott (1863-1927) c. 1900.

Singer: Frank and Lena Hartman Singer  (c. 1905)

Singer: Jacob and Magdelena Zwick Singer (c. 1880)

Singer: Jacob Singer Jr. (c. 1870-1875)

Warner: Andrew Warner (1850-1917), wife Emily Thompson Warner (1856-1939)  and family, c. 1910

Wertzberger: Augustin Wertzberger (1811-1896), wife Mary Ann Schockling (1824-1911)  c. 1900

Zwick:  Charles Zwick and his wife Gertrude Crock, c. 1914