Joe Kuhn

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This beautiful photograph of Joseph Kuhn and his bride, Justina Crock, was taken for their wedding on 2 May 1899.  The wedding took place at St. Joseph's Church in Burkhart, Monroe County, Ohio. Joe was 29 and Justina was 18 years old. 

Notice that Joe's hat rests by his feet on the floor.  The object on the floor by Justina's feet has not been identified. 

Joe and Justina lived on an 43 acre farm in Seneca Township, Monroe County, Ohio.  The couple had four children, two of whom died shortly after birth.  They have nearly 80 known descendants.   

Joe owned the Kuhn Brothers Lumber and Construction business.  Several of his brothers -- Simon, Peter, and Elias "Hode" Kuhn -- worked for him. 

This photo was provided by Joe and Justina's great grandson, Andy Miller.  

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