Muth Brothers

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The families of brothers Casper and Anton Muth, c. 1904, Troy Hill, Allegheny Co., PA.

From left to right: Melani Imhoff Muth (1868 - 1906) her daughter Clara Muth (b. 1899), and her husband Casper Muth (1861 - 1937).  Next to Casper is his older brother Anton Muth (1854 - 1936), his son Rinehart Muth (1889 - 1965) and wife Helena Singer Muth (1857 - 1959).  Anton and Helena had other children who did not appear in this photo.  See Muth Children for photos of three of their other children

Melanie Imhoff Muth died in 1906.  About two years later, widower Casper Muth married Louisa Singer, the niece of Helena Singer Muth.  

This photo was provided by Edward Battle of Bethel Park, PA. Ed is the grandson of Anton and Helena Muth.  

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