Nicholas Noll

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This picture of the family of Nicholas Noll (1856-1938) and his wife Mary Catherine Miller (1858-1938) was provided by Dawn Ford, wife of their great great grandson, James Dean Ford.   Nicholas and Catherine Noll have over 500 known descendants.  

Back row: Joseph (1880-1963), Alex (1882-1973), Mollie (Estadt) (1878-1965), Katy (Blake) (1884-1974)

Front row: Charley (1886-1971), Nicholas (1856-1938), Mary Miller Noll (1858-1938), Anna (Blake) (1888-1929)

Nicholas and Mary Noll had two other daughters Matilda (1891-1897) and Rosa (1896-1897).  Their absence from this photo suggests that it was taken after their deaths, although it couldn't have been too much later, since Anna doesn't look that old.  

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