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Leander Crock provided this photograph of the family of Jacob Crock  and his second wife, Matilda Yeagle Crock.  The picture was taken in September 1902.  In addition to the children shown here, the Crocks also had a pair of twins who died shortly after birth in 1896.  Jacob has over 200 known descendants.   

Left to right are:

    Joseph F. Crock (1886-1958)

    Leo E. Crock (1888-1965)

    Albert C. Crock (1897-1962) wearing white bow tie

    Anna B. Crock Getz (1884 - ?)

    Jacob Crock (1855-1905)  Patriarch Jacob Crock died two and a half years after this picture was taken. 

    Cora Crock Hill Hohman (1890-1970)

    Alexander J. Crock (1879- ?) only child of Jacob Crock's first wife, Ottilia Schoeppner Crock (1856-1880)

    Matilda Yeagle Crock (1859-1935) mother of at least 12 children, 10 of whom are in this photo.

    Lucy Crock (1902-1923) infant in her mother's arms

    Rose Crock Weisent Hill (1882-1965) oldest child of Matilda Yeagle Crock

    Cecilia Crock (1893-1975) entered the convent as Sister M. Gonzaga

    Henry Clement Crock (1890-1958) entered the priesthood

    Edward Crock (1891-1967)


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