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This photo was taken at the wedding of Elenora Roehrig and John Riski on 25 Jul 1953.  Elenora was the daughter of Albert Roehrig and Mollie Schott. 


Relatives of Albert and Mollie Roehrig left to right: 

Sons: Bernard Roehrig (1917-1983), Terrance John Roehrig (1905-1967), and John Roy Roehrig (1907-1958); son-in-law John Riski (1912-1978); daughter Elenora Rosa Roehrig (b. 1925); grandson: Edward Bernard Roehrig (son of Dorothy Roehrig Bing and Roy Cray, b 1936, d. 2000); Amelia “Mollie” Schott Roehrig (1882-1963), and Albert H. Roehrig (1880-1955); daughters:  Freda Roehrig Gill (1910-1997), Dorothy Roehrig Bing (1913-2004), Mary Margaret Roehrig Craig (1915-2003), and Eulalia Elizabeth Roehrig Valot (1919-1982). 

Another daughter of Mollie and Albert, Leora Roehrig was born in 1924 and died in 1926.




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