Mary Brahler Hartman

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Mary Brahler Hartman (1839-1922) was the daughter of Adam Brahler, one of the founders of Fulda, Ohio.  Mary's great-grandson Edward Schweinberg (b. 1908) states that Mary was essentially bedridden.  She only had one leg, and took laudanum (opium) to control her pain.  The exact circumstances under which Mary lost the leg are not known, but Ed believes it was amputated in the 1860's; she definitely had several children after she lost her leg. Mary was also a non-insulin dependent diabetic. (Treatment of the first human with insulin did not occur until January, 1922; just two months before Mary's death.)

Mary Brahler Hartman is remembered as a small, kind woman who kept a bag of treats near her bed to give to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren when they visited. In 1900, she lived in the household of her son Peter in Enoch Twp., Noble County, Ohio. By 1909, she had moved in with her daughter Lena Hartman Singer on Seddon Ave. in North Braddock, PA and lived there until her death.  This photo is believed to have been taken around 1920 in Braddock, PA.  

Mary Brahler Hartman has at least 228 known descendants.  


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