John Schafer

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Johann Ludwig Schafer (1827-1871) and his wife Elenora "Flora" Debold/Leibold (1833-1912).  They are German immigrants who were married 3 Jun 1853 in Wheeling.  Their first child was born in Wheeling, and the remaining children were all born in Ohio.  Johann Ludwig served in the Civil War according to Lee Crock, who contributed this photo. 

This picture was probably taken in the mid to late 1850s.  The photo appears to be a composite of two unrelated photos... note the different lighting, the fact that John appears to be somewhat smaller than Elenora, and the fact that Eleanora's upholstered couch turns into a wooden chair by John's right hand.  

If you know the village where John Schafer or his wife were born, please contact Dale Schott.

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