Andrew Warner

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This photograph of Andrew Warner and his family was taken around 1910 at the Warner home near Carlisle, Noble County, Ohio. 

Married names of the women are provided, even though not all of them were married when this picture was taken. 

Front row: Clara (Warner) Springate (1892-1960); Andrew Warner (1850-1917); Howard Hill (1903-1981) (son of deceased daughter Mary (Warner) Hill); Emily Rebecca (Thompson) Warner (1856-1939); Fred Beda Warner (1895-1965)

Back Row:  Matilda (Warner) Schehl (1882-1972); Frank Warner (1884-1972); Albert Warner (1874-1928); Margaret (Warner) Miller (1888-1972); Jenny (Warner) Mallett (1890-1956); Charles Warner (1880-1934); and Emma (Warner) Morris (1898-1982).

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