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These two photos are of the family of Edward and Anna (Nau) Crock, who have over 350 known descendants.  The Crock's first child, Henry, died shortly after birth in 1893.  Both of these pictures were provided by Leander Crock of Noble County, Ohio. 

This photo was taken in July 1914.

Pictured in the front row are: Linus Crock (1911-1982), Edward Crock (1868-1931), Clarence Crock (1907-1926), Alma Crock Tipton (1914-2002) on her mother's lap, Anna Nau Crock (1869-1929) and Sebastian Crock (1909-1979)

Middle row (two young boys on right): Ernest "Jake" Crock (1903-1967) and Andrew Crock (1905-1985)

Back row: Elizabeth Crock Roehrig (1895-1980), Rosa Crock Cornett (1901-1986), Gertrude Crock Zwick (1894-1931), Roman Crock (1897-1982) and Albert Crock (1899-1994).


The photograph below was taken six or seven years after the above picture; around 1920.  The lighting strongly suggests that the picture was taken outdoors on a sunny day.  It may be that the background curtains were edited in at a much later date. 

Pictured in the front row are father Edward Crock, Alma Crock Tipton, and mother Anna Nau Crock.

Middle row: Sebastian Crock, Elizabeth Crock Roehrig, Rosa Crock Cornett, Gertrude Crock Zwick, and Linus Crock. 

Back row: Clarence Crock, Ernest "Jake" Crock, Andrew Crock, Roman Crock, Albert Crock.

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