Burkhard Girls

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This photo appeared in The Zanesville Signal on 25 May 1947.  The following article accompanied the picture: 

                 Four Zanesville sisters and two others from this vicinity are making plans for a month’s vacation in California as the guests of their brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Fenton of San Diego.  It will be the first trip west for all of them. 

                 The six sisters are Mrs. George Baker and Miss Eva Burkhard, both of Glendale avenue, Mrs. Leo Haren of Southard avenue, Mrs. N. J. Malone of Eastman street, and Mrs. Carl Himmelspach and Mrs. Ernest Pfeffer, both of near Barnesville. 

                 Occasion for the visit will be Mr. Fenton’s birthday at which time he annually holds a “Fiesta” for his friends and employees.  The celebration will be held at the Fentons’ country home, “Bandy Canon” near San Diego. 

                 Last year, more than 750 persons attended the affair including radio and movie star Jack Haley, whose estate adjoins that of the Fentons’.  The “Fiesta” will probably be held on Sunday Jul 13.  Guests will include classmates of Mr. Fenton’s at an old country school which is on property now owned by Fenton.  The school house has been repaired and is kept in good shape for the yearly homecomings of the former pupils who are special guests on the Monday following the “Fiesta.”  A feature store describing the ”Fiesta” appeared in Time magazine last year. 

                 Mr. Fenton owns the Western Salt Co. of San Diego and the Fenton Material Co. there in addition to two ranches.  A large portion of the milk for San Diego is supplied by his H.G. Fenton dairy ranch where 800 cows are milked daily. 

                 On the Fentons’ country estate where the sisters will visit there are eight guest cottages, a recreation house and a cook house, besides their country home.  The Fentons’ town house is in San Diego.   

                 In addition to the Fentons, the Ohio sisters will visit another sister, Mrs. Andrew Denner, who recently moved to San Diego from Canton, and a brother, Carl Burkhard of San Diego, formerly of this city. 

                 The family, children of the late Mr. and Mrs. Theobald Burkhard of Neal avenue, all formerly lived in Zanesville.  In addition to the eight sisters and the brother in San Diego, there are three other brothers in this city.  Two brothers are deceased. 

                 The six  Ohio sisters will leave Zanesville on July 5 for Chicago where they will board the new Santa Fe streamliner train.  The entire trip will be as guests of their brother-in-law. 


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