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Two pictures of Appolonia Heil Hartman:  

This photo was taken when Appolonia Heil Hartman (1876-1941) was probably in her 20s.  The original tintype is quite scratched.  This copy has been touched up to remove some of the marks.  The picture appears to be a companion photo to one taken of her husband, Joseph C. Hartman.  



The portrait  below was painted from a black and white photo.  The painting is on fabric (possibly silk).  At the time this was done, such paintings were "state of the art" and were quite expensive for the day.  Appolonia (also known as "Loney") was a widow when this portrait was painted.  

Both pictures are courtesy of Appolonia's great grandson, William Hartman Jr. (grandson of Leo Hartman).  They were originally owned by William's uncle Paul B. Hartman.  William Hartman Jr. said, "The color portrait was in my father's possession until he died in 1984 and my mother gave it to my sister. My sister gave it to me because it made her uncomfortable. She said no matter where she hung it, the eyes seemed to follow you.  I have experimented with hanging it in various places in my home and have had the same experience. Oddly enough we have had the same experience with a pencil and charcoal portrait I had done from a picture of my father a few years after his death. "


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