John Roehrig

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The family of John U. Roehrig and his wife Mary Hupp Roehrig.  This photo appears courtesy of Dennis Valot, grandson of Albert Roehrig).  The picture was taken around 1900. 


Back row: (Identification of the daughters in the back row is not certain.  Guesses were made based on the women's apparent ages.)  Catherine Rohrig (1883-1963), Leo Rohrig (1885 - 1945), Regina Rohrig Conkell (1878-1907), Rose Rohrig (1881-1946), Albert Roehrig (1880-1955),  Anna Rohrig (1887-1962)

Front row: Andrew Roehrig (1894 - 1985), Mary Hupp Roehrig (1857 - 1932), Sylvia Roehrig Saling (1897 - 1988), John U. Roehrig (1850 - 1928), Beda Roehrig (1889 - ?)

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