Lawrence Schafer

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Lawrence and Mary Ann (Fisher) Schafer had nine children, all of whom lived to adulthood.  They have over 200 known descendants.  This photo, which was provided by Leander Crock, was probably taken in the early 1930s. 

Front row:  Henry Schafer (1897-1956), mother Mary Ann (Fisher) Schafer (1873-1936), father Lawrence Schafer (1867-1940), Madeline Schafer Kramer (1893-1964)

Middle row: Henrietta Schafer Crock (1903-1964), Sophia Schafer Crock (1899-1983), Louise Schafer Nau (1900-1977)

Back row: Francis Schafer (1897-1973), Clara Schafer Michel (1908-1989), Eleanor Schafer Younger (1909-1999), Hubert Schafer (1905-1987)

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