Name Changes

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Surname spellings often changed when immigrants came to America.  Sometimes the change was as simple as dropping a final "n"... Hohmann to Hohman, for example.  Other times the changes are less obvious.  If you don't find your ancestor's name on the Surname page with one spelling, try an alternate one.  This chart shows some of the variations.  

The surname: might be spelled in German records as:
Brahler Brehl
Blake Block
Cornett Kornett
Craft Kraft
Crock Krack
Estadt or Estep Jestaedt or Jestadt
Gerst Garst
Hill Heil
Hupp Happ
Lohrey, Lorey, or Lori Lorei
Mahler Mehler
Miller Mueller
Roehrig Rohrig
Rupple Ruppel
Scheetz Schütz
Schott Schaad or Schaadt
Schell,  Shehl, or Shell Schehl
Smith Schmitt or Schmidt
Smithberger Schmittberger or Schmidtberger
Snider or Snyder Schneider
Vogler Vogler

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