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Welcome to the web site of the German community of Fulda Ohio and families of St. Mary’s Church of Fulda. Ohio  Our former site, “fuldaohio.com has been discontinued and I encourage  you to bookmark this page for your family research. This site is supported by donations from you, the community of researchers’ toward the expenses related to the annual site maintenance and subscriptions to other genealogical sources to substantiate the accuracy of evidence and citations submitted for the many ancestors identified in these pages. I hope you enjoy the information that has been offered by the descendants of the families of South Eastern Ohio.

The Annual Fulda Homecoming Picnic

Monday, September 2, 2019

The 89th Labor day Homecoming picnic will start with Mass at 9 am. Dinner will be from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm. Carryout will be available. 1 pm is cornhole tournament. Kids and Adult games, bingo and refreshment will be available all afternoon. Baked goods and homemade noodles will be on sale. Raffles will include two quilts and cash prizes. 2:30 5:00 pm will be a round and square dance.

Thank you to everyone for their generosity to make this 88th annual Labor Day another success. We would like to send a Special Thank you to our family members who return home from near and far. We were able to make 246 bags of noodles and sold them all. We sold 1181 dinners. Thank you from the Picnic Committee.

See the ’FAMILY REUNION’ button for directions and housing



The German Beginning of Fulda, Ohio

a book by

Dale Schaadt 

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This web site is devoted to the genealogy of the German families that attended St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church in Fulda, Noble Co., OH, as well as related families in nearby Monroe, Muskingum, Belmont and Washington Counties.  The site has a database with over 40,000 individuals, including some ancestors as far back as the 1400s, and descendants to the present day.  Most of the descendants belong to families that no longer live in Noble County.  Use this web site to:  



St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church in Fulda, Ohio


The genealogical information contained on this site may be copied, linked to, or downloaded freely for your personal genealogical research; however it is not to be used for commercial purposes.  


The website does not contain details about living individuals.  Source material exists for virtually everyone in the database (excluding living people).  Sources can be viewed by clicking on the footnote numbers in each individual's details.   


Much of the information in the database has not been independently verified and all information in this database is subject outside, independent confirmation, verification and correction.  If anyone chooses to use this information they should do so only as a basis for their own independent research and should practice the general rule of genealogy research that no information should be accepted as fact unless accompanied by verifiable sources.


Your feedback is enthusiastically sought.  Suggestions, corrections, additions, criticisms, and questions are welcome.  Please send your thoughts to Bill Vogler wa3jdq@aol.com.
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