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23 Jul 2017 

If you sent information to wa3jdq@aol.com in the past year, and you don't see it on the website now, please e-mail Bill Vogler   and let him know. 


03 Jul 2012 

The 1940 Census has been released and it is in the last stages of indexing. However, it has been noted that there has been many errors of the names. Be sure to check your name in all the places you know of their use. Keep a log of the errors and submit them to Ancestry as 'options". Quality control is improving but help may still be needed. 

13 Jul 2008 

Due to technical difficulties, the FuldaOhio.com website has not been updated for nearly a year.  Today, many changes have been made: The database now contains over 42,000 names. and broken links have been updated. 



25 Aug 2007

Database updated: now nearly 40,000 individuals.



25 Jul 2006

A fire destroyed the General Store at Fulda in 1937.  New additions to the Researchers page.



4 Jun 2006

Photo of the family of Francis and Mary (Schaad) Miller, c. 1925.



24 Ap 2006

Details of the upcoming Reunion of the descendants of Sebastian Arnold .



25 Mar 2006

World War I photo of brothers Julius "Jake" and Alphons "Bill" Burkhard, c. 1918.  A new addition to the Famous Fulda Faces page: AAGPBL pitcher Betty Jane Cornett. 



15 Jan 2006

Database updated.  Over 36,000 names. 



28 Dec 2005

Photo of Catherine Crum, mother of political commentator Pat Buchanan. 



27 Dec 2005

Famous Fulda Faces -- a few Fulda descendants have attained national notoriety -- find out who they are!



15 Nov 2005

"From Fulda to Fulda" a letter by a German nun who visited Fulda Ohio in the 1930s, provided by Elizabeth Ginsberg and Elmar Ebert.  Also, more photos from Andy Miller: Joseph and Justina (Crock) Kuhn wedding photo, 1899; John and Elenora (Roehrig) Riski wedding photo, 1953



13 Oct 2005

The Guestbook and Queries pages have been removed due to excessive spamming. 



8 Oct 2005

Photos from Andy Miller: Mike Crock (1886-1971), Alex and Margaret (Warner) Miller c. 1906, Andrew and Emily (Thompson) Warner, c. 1910,  Nicholas F. and Philomena (Smithberger) Schott, c. 1900, Casper and Catherine (Weisent) Schott, c. 1900



19 Sep 2005

New photos: Caroline (Smithberger) Crock c. 1870s.  Casper and Kate (Burkhart) Crock c. 1890s, Peter December and daughter Katherine (December) Burkhart c. 1890, John and Anna Mary (December) Kuhn, c. 1900.



2 Sep 2005

Database updated with nearly 35,000 names.  During the update process, the guestbook and queries were inadvertently purged.  Sorry. 



13 Aug 2005

Photos from Leander Crock's collection: the family of Frank and Margaret (Miller) Nau c. 1908, family of Jacob and Matilda (Yeagle) Crock from 1902.  Two pictures of the family of Edward and Anna (Nau) Crock, 1914 and c. 1920.  Family of Lawrence and Mary Ann (Fisher) Schafer c. 1930.  Family of John A. and Rose (Schafer) Hill, 1904.



30 Jul 2005

Photos of the families of John U. and Mary (Hupp) Roehrig  and Peter and Margaret (Yeagle) Schott both taken c. 1900.  Picture of Fulda's rolling countryside from over 40 years ago.



25 Apr 2005

Database updated: 33,500 names.



4 Apr 2005

Photos: The family of Joseph and Catherine (Fisher) Schafer c. 1900.  Wedding photo of Charles and Gertrude (Crock) Zwick c. 1914.  The family of Frank "Andy" Estadt and his wife, Elizabeth Hupp Estadt, c. 1914. 



20 Jan 2005

Photo of the family of Henry Nau and Elizabeth Blake, c. 1893.  Photo of the Fulda General Store with proprietor Ed Crock and two of his children, c. 1922. 



26 Dec 2004

Database updated: over 32,400 names.  



27 Aug 2004

Database updated; nearly 31,000 names.  



14 Aug 2004

Singer photos:  Jacob Singer Jr. and his brother George Singer with wife Agnes Heil Singer.



13 Aug 2004

Pictures:  the family of Jacob & Matilda (Yeagle) Crock; and the seven sons of Joseph and Mary (Schott) Crock.  A drawing and brief history of the original church at Fulda.  



15 May 2004

Database updated; over 29, 000 names.  



25 Mar 2004

New photos:  Sebastian and Caroline Schoeppner Schockling, and their seven children (1914), Sebastian and Mary Ann (Schafer) Arnold and their ten children  c. 1911, and  John and Kate  (Michel) Miller and their 10 children, c. 1912



29 Feb 2004

Newspaper article and photo of eight adult daughters of Theobald and Catherine [Singer] Burkhard  1947



16 Jan 2004

Excerpts about Fulda residents that appeared in Caldwell newspapers appear in Newsy Notes.



09 Jan 2004

Database updated.  It now contains over 26,000 individuals. 



08 Nov 2003

Lost Souls contains pictures of unknown Fulda residents and their descendants.  See if you recognize anyone!  



02 Sep 2003

How are two people related?  Use the Kinship Chart to find out.  



27 Aug 2003

Database updated. 24,000 individuals.   Obituary List updated.  About 450 obituaries.  



18 Aug 2003

Photos of Jacob & and Magdelena Singer (c. 1880), and the first and second grade class of St. Joseph School, Braddock, PA 1916, with many Fulda descendants.  



08 Aug 2003

Photo of the Fulda School and schoolchildren taken in 1911.  



30 Jul 2003

Read about the horrific murder that occurred in Nov 1880.



01 Jul 2003

Obituary List.  This list contains the names of about 300 people whose obituaries are posted on this website.  If you find a relative on this list, use the  Surname List and Name Index to find that person in the database and read their obituary.  



22 Jun 2003

Database updated.  It now contains over 23,000 names.  



17 Jun 2003

If you're trying to get in touch with Fulda researcher Netti Nau (now Netti Halsey), her e-mail address has changed.  As of today, it's Halsey@cband.net.   



19 May 2003

Pictures of Florian Estadt and five of his adult children, and his wife Mary Ebert Estadt.  Also the 1905 wedding photo of Rose Estadt and Edward G. Schoeppner with attendants Leo Schoeppner and Margaret Estadt.  



22 Apr 2003

Information about education in Fulda, and clippings from the Caldwell newspaper.  Both subjects will be updated in the future.  



23 Mar 2003

Photo of Emma Aldenhoven Scheetz (1885-1974), widow of Frank Scheetz, 1885-1974), widow of Frank Scheetz; Frank's parents, William Scheetz and Barbara Nau, and Emma's father Mauritz Aldenhoven.   



16 Mar 2003

Photo of John Maurice Hohman (1871-1944), his wife, Theresa Heil Hohman (1875-1940) and their 13 children.  



09 Mar 2003

Obituary List. This list contains the names of several hundred people whose obituaries are posted on this website.  If you find a relative on this list, use the  Surname List and Name Index to find that person in the database and read their obituary.  



25 Feb 2003

Database updated.  It now contains 20,800 names.  



29 Jan 2003

Pictures of Elizabeth Schaub Brahler (1841-1917), Anna Noll Blake (1889-1929) and Fred Blake (1883-1956), the family of Nicholas Noll and a picture of the First Communion class at St. Mary's C. 1902.  Also, a photo of a quilt made by Rosa Brahler Schoeppner.  



9 Dec 2002

Database updated.  There are now over 19,200 names on the website.  



5 Dec 2002

Pictures of brothers Casper and Anton Muth, their wives and some of their children.  Also, a photo of siblings Appolonia, William and Louvina Muth.



1 Dec 2002

Photos of Appolonia Heil Hartman and her husband Joseph C. Hartman.



7 Nov 2002

Photos of John & Flora Schafer c. 1855, and the family of Ferdinand Fuchs/Fox and Sibylla Singer Fox c. 1921.  



28 Oct 2002

Photo of Family of John Maurice Hohman and Elizabeth Huffman Hohman c. 1898



24 Oct 2002

More pictures from the picnic.  Also, the broken link to the pictures (below) has been fixed.  



21 Oct 2002

Cleared out the Guestbook and the Queries page.  Both were getting lengthy and needed to be purged.  



10 Oct 2002

A couple pictures from the Fulda picnic.  More to come later.  



22 Sep 2002

Database updated with additions from discussions with descendants at Fulda picnic. 



29 Aug 2002

Database updated.  Over 16,200 names.



27 Aug 2002

Check out the Fulda photos on Netti Nau's website!  Families include Cornett, Crock, Crum, Hartman, Heil, Hupp, Nau, Schwallie, Singer, Sorg, Warner, and Zwick.  Also, old photos of the church and the general store.  



20 Aug 2002

Photos of Louis Miller and wife Ottilia CrockHenry & Elizabeth (Schott) Crock, Mary Brahler Hartman and Frank and Lena (Hartman) Singer



10 Jul 2002

Excerpts, review, and other information about The German Beginning of Fulda, Ohio by Fulda descendant Dale Schaadt



7 Jul 2002

Excerpts of the history of Enoch Township from History of Noble County, Ohio, 1887



3 Jul 2002

Family Reunion page



29 May 2002

Information about the upcoming Annual Picnic.  



20 May 2002

How to translate German websites to English.  



19 May 2002

New links to websites of interest to Fulda genealogy researchers.  



18 May 2002

Toll free number:  If you'd like to contact Lynn (the administrator of FuldaOhio.com) call toll free:  877-350-7404.  Leave a message; Lynn will call you back.  



14 May 2002

Photo of Hildegard Krack Hohman and her eight adult children.  c. 1908



17 Apr 2002

Database updated.  Over 15,700 individuals are in the database.  



5 Apr 2002

Use the Search Engine to search the entire web site.  



30 Mar 2002

Photo of Sebastian Heil, his wife Catherine Singer, and their ten adult children.  



17 Mar 2002

German naming conventions -- Learn about German given names and pronunciations



26 Feb 2002

Fulda Flyover -- an overhead view of Fulda, Ohio.  



17 Feb 2002

Netti Nau's web page is back up and running.  



16 Feb 2002

Fun Fulda Facts -- Interesting tidbits about life in early Fulda, Ohio.  



15 Feb 2002

Database updated.  Over 13,400 individuals are in the database.  Many Noble County families have notes based on their entries in the 1900 census.  



13 Feb 2002

Photo of Mittelkalbach, Germany (ancestral village of several Fulda, Ohio families). 



29 Jan 2002

Fulda letter dated 1857 -- A letter from a Fulda, Ohio resident to his family back in Germany



29 Jan 2002

The "What's New" page



22 Jan 2002

Name Changes page shows what your ancestor's original surname might have been.  



03 Dec 2001

Database updated.  It now contains 12,500 individuals, most of whom have dates, places and footnotes with source material.  



01 Nov 2001

Website started with approximately 10,000 names.